Well done. Although the handheld versions of the game are extremely easy that’s still a good achievement
Fair enough you've won a **** of a lot of trophies, but it's with Barcelona and Italy. The Handheld version is very easy, and apart from the 8-0 against Germany (which is because they are fake in-game), all the other achievements are decent, but not exceptional. Still, nice job, but I'm not sure if you are joking or just being arrogant!?
Thank you both of you. I know the handheld version is too easy as compared to the PC one but still i managed to get on top.
Also, i have resigned from the post of managing Italy now and have moved on to manage At. Madrid just to get more challenges. Wish me good luck. And also, wait for more pics to be uploaded soon . :)
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I need some help guys.
As i told that i am managing At. Madrid now, i am a bit confused and concerned about my strikers. Falcao is getting old. I want some young players in my team.
Kindly suggest me a few good and young strikers. Thank you ! :)
What year are u in? Lucas Ocampos and Paulo Dybala are good buys and both can play well into their late 30s. Good luck.
2020 is the current year. And ya, Lucas and Paulo are good and will think about them. Thank you so much for the help. Looking forward to success.
May also consider Paulo Marques (original club: Novara in Italy). Bought him for £20.5m but banged in/ played an average of 27.4 goals and 35 games per season since he's been with me. Also, got him in the 21/22 season, when be was only 18 or 19.
Sorry guys. Was busy with my exams. But now will surely play and update it regularly. :) Keep Reading !