Manchester Derby


Nov 29, 2005
Reaction score
I missed the majority of the game, and only really put in on at like the 80th minute so I got to see Fowlers goal :D

Good result for Man City tho.

Did C Ronaldo get sent off? :|
Was a miracle result considering how Man City played. The ref was probably the difference between the two sides today. Ronaldo should'nt of been sent off either.
City played well. I'm not sure if Ronaldo should have been dismissed because if he got the man it would be a sending off bt I'm not sure if in the rulebook intent is punished as much as an action. Great Result for City. Pearce ran into the crowd when Fowler scored.

Well Done City.
Good game, Steve Bennett is a joke, anyway back to listening to the boro game, 4-0 at the moment :)
haha 7-0 haha Man U well done City.

Ref had a bad game i have to say.
Steve Bennet is our bogey ref. Like Mike Riley is Boltons.
they were all top notch finishes to be fair, was a good game, ronaldos sending off was harsh like.
I didnt think Ronaldo should of been sent off. I used to think Bennett was ok but after that game i dont, he was only reffing because Mark Halsey was injured. I like Howard Webb hes a good ref in my eyes.