Manchester Disaster

1st March 2028
Unprecedented Form

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 31


Middlesbrough gave us a lesson on how to defend in this match. We are back to not winning.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 32


We got absolutely dominated in this game.
We couldn't create any good chances and if Middlesbrough taught us how to defend, Bristol taught us how to counter-attack.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 33


3rd bad performance in a row and we are now winless fo 3 games, something we haven't seen much in the last 4 years.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 34


Finally got a win over Charlton to end our bad form (hopefully).

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 35


26 shots, 10 on target, 1 goal. Clearly shows what we have been missing lately.

FA Cup
Fifth Round


After scoring 4 goals against Liverpool losing 4-0 to Aston Villa is not what you want to see.
We got eliminated from the FA Cup once again.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 36


We ended the month on a positive note against Barnsley though and win our 3rd game in a row in the league.

League Table


We are now tied in points with Bournemouth, only ahead because of the goal difference.
With only 10 games left in the season, we really need to toughen up if we want to at least secure automatic promotion.​
2nd April 2028
Deciding Moments?

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 37


We couldn't keep our good form and ended up drawing against Derby County and getting yet another injury along the way.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 38


And we followed it with another draw after both goals being scored in the first 20 minutes of the game.
We keep missing our chances and wasting them.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 39


Way better performance from our team against Hull City who could only get one goal back on the counter.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 40


This game right here may have just won us the league.
After a very hard start to the 2028 year we were able to get revenge on Bournemouth and beat them 2-0 at the Etihad and solidifying our chances of becoming Champions once again.

Now we just have to be consistent, which has not been easy ever since the transfer window.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 41


Good display of commitment from our team against Watford as we win 3 in a row.
Last time this happened our performances dipped and we drew the next 2 games, but this isn't an option now.

League Table


At the very least, even if we don't win the Championship, we secured ourselves the automatic promotion to the Premier League, which means Manchester City is back at the English top tier.

Do I think if we can avoid relegation next season? Not worried about that yet, we still have a trophy to win.

Next Fixtures


We are just 5 games away of the end of the season.
In teory we won't face any team that should give us a big headache, but we already dropped a lot of points to teams fighting relegation so we can't assume anything.

Youth Intake


Not a good intake once again with only one player being worthy of showing.


Tamarley Williams has a bright future as he's still only 15 years old.
Let's hope he becomes better than Hemming.​
29th May 2028
Cracking End of Season

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 42


We are able to beat Sheffield at the Etihad and keep our run for the title alive.


In other games, Bournemouth fail to win against Swansea and drop points at this vital stage of the season.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 43


Another win for our team against Coventry to keep our good form.


Bournemouth drops points yet again against Hull City and now they need us to not win games if they want to get closer to get the title.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 44


Well they got their wish as we draw 3-3 to Milwall.


They did their job and beat Huddersfield and shorten our lead.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 45


Tough sequence of games for Huddersfield as we beat them after their Bournemouth game after an amazing 1st half from our team.


Bournemouth also won their game against Watford, but at this point we reached 103 points and with only one game left in the season and only reaching 97 points, Bournemouth saw us be crowned champions of the Championship at the Etihad.

Sky Bet Championship
Gameday 46


We went to our last game of the season with a fully rotated squad but we still beat Blackpool 3-2.

League Table


Even though Bournemouth gave us a real title challenge this season, we still ended up on top.
They even went up to lose their loast game against 3rd place Bristol City 3-0.

In the Playoffs, Middlesbrough will be going up to the Premier League with us after beating Derby County in the Final.

Player Stats


James Hemming was our best scorer with 26 goals in the season, 23 of the being scored in the league.
Cameron Archer fell short of the expectations we had for him and with interest being shown in him I'm not opposing to him leaving the club.


It wasn't a very good season in terms of assists for our midfielders or wingers and that may be an area we need improvement for next season if we want to survive the Premier League.

Premier League


For the first time in 5 seasons, Liverpool did not win the Premier League due to a 6 goal difference to Arsenal.
Wolves, Leicesteer and Fulham got relegated and may be worth checking them out to see if there's any player worth buying to our team.

FA Cup


Chelsea won the FA Cup after beating Crystal Palace in the Final, which were clearly the underdog in the copetition. Good for them!



Newcastle ended up winning the Carabao Cup so I guess it makes it slightly better for us being eliminated by the champions.

European Competitions

UEFA Champions League


An El Classico match in the Champions League Final and despite being a very balanced match Real Madrid ended up being crowned champions of Europe once again.

Clearly the most dominant team in Europe as they won 3 of the last 5 Champions League.

UEFA Europa League


Tottenham won the Europa League and became the 2nd English team to win the competition since we got relegated.

UEFA Europa Conference League


And the other English team to win the Europa League won this year's edition of the Conference League after beating Villarreal 3-1.

Random Stuff


After getting promoted to the Premier League the board offered us a new contract which we accepted.
Honestly I was scared they would fire us because I remember very well the time I spent in Japan and got sacked after getting promotion to J1.

Glad we are staying for at least one more season, hopefully way more as our work in getting Man City to where they belong is just getting started.​
10th August 2028
Busy Transfer Window

Going up to the Premier League is always a challenge despite of the team who gets promoted.
We do have an unfair advantage over those teams though: the money.

If you remember correctly, we had more than 200m available in our transfer budget and after getting promoted the board gave us a budget of 290m€ for us to spend. Obviously, we had to make some moves in order to survive this season. Let's take a look.

Transfers Out


Firstly here you can see how many players we loaned out this year, basically our entire U21 team is out on loan getting 1st team football. In this list you can also see Somto Boniface and Tomas Galvez, 2 LB's who wouldn't get much game time this season. I tried selling Galvez but no one wanted to pick him up.
You can also see some other players who got sold for peanuts. They just were not good at all.


Now let's take a look at the big name sellings.
First off, Alex Robertson left the club for a whopping 50m€ after Al-Nassr came in with a 30m+20m bid which I could not refuse.


Does this look like a 50m worth player? Of course not, but Saudi will always be Saudi I guess.

Another player who joined a Saudi Club for way over his actual value was Micah Hamilton, who was sold for 30m paid upfront to Al-Ahli.
In fact, let's be honest, none of the players sold to Saudi clubs are worth the money we got. McGuiness was also sold for 30m (he cost us 7m last season), Susoho was not a Premier League player as he lacked the physical attributes to be a good DM.

I won't name every single player we sold because there's no point, but I have to thank Alex Robertson, Hamilton, Oscar Bobb, Kaiky, Susoho, O'Reilly and Dickson for helping the club in the last 5 years after we got relegated from the Vanarama. They all sticked with us from the start and specially Robertson, Bobb and Kaiky will always be club heroes in my eyes due to the fact that they were first team players for 4 consecutive years.

With all this sales we made an extra 168m to spend in transfers.


Safe to say we spent it (and this is not all).

Transfers In

Kim Rossil - 1.5m


Good looking youngster from Denmark to develop in your youth teams and eventually reach the 1st team or be sold for profit.

Martin Byrne - 475k


Another youngster for our youth teams and this one looks really good. He's already 20 but I'm hoping he still has more to grow.

Reo Hatate - 275k


The first signing for our 1st team was the Japanese Hatate from Leicester. He's an upgarde from Brownhill in the B2B role but it would be nice to get a younger option since they are both past 30.

Moritz Schaffer - Free


Opportunistic signing as he was free in the transfer window and he looks phenomenal. Could be a bit quicker but I will never complain for getting a player like this on a free transfer.

Bart Verbruggen - 6.75m


In order to survive the Premier League we needed an upgrade in our GK position. Verbruggen was cheap and knows the league so he comes in to be our main guy.

Marvin Akahomen - 23M


I must say I didn't know this player but when I saw him I didn't think twice in pkacing a bid for him, specially because Fulham was asking for way less than his value since they got relegated. He's on a big payroll, but I think he's worth every penny.

Rafael Maurício - 205k


This one right here came to be our 1st team LB, but he didn't get a work permit. I know we have some slots available for players without a work permit but I didn't know I had to appeal for it first so... he was loaned out.

Rayan Ait-Nouri - 9m


With Mauricio's situation I still wanted a better LB and found one in Ait-Nouri who was transfer listed after Woves got relegated. Not the best by any means but he is a big step up from Maatson so I'm very happy with this signing.

Sedan Koral - Free


Free youngster for free to develop and sell later for a profit. Nothing much to say about this one.

Marcel Ruiz - Free


Another free transfer and this time it's a playmaker. Way better than Robertson and already played Premier League football. Amazing signing for our team.

Iván Fresneda - 51m


Most expensive signing of the summer and I have no regrets.

Ibrahim Sangaré - Free


Another amazing free signing for our midfield who can be either a playmaker or a game destruicter.

Julien Duranville - 45m


Another amazing signing for our wing. A bit on the pricey side but I think he's worth it.

Yannis Issoufou - 22m


Another winger joins the club. Different winger when compared to Duranville. Duranville will be an arrow to play to amd Issoufou seems more like a creative winger.

Nelson Weiper - 45m


Our new starting striker comes from Germany and I think he's a very known name around the FM community. He didn't develop as much as I previously saw but he still looks good.

Andreas Hanche-Olsen - 7.25m


Another signing from the German league, this time for our defense. The 31 year old Norwegian comes as the replacement of McGuinness.

Tyler Morton - 30.5m


The last signing we made so far was the English midfielder from Wolves. Another player transfer listed due to his last club being relegated.
Not as physical as Sangaré but he's a better playmaker so we will alternate between them along the season.


This is our final squad.
There's still time to make more signings but I also don't want to spend everyting we have even though we still have 193m in the transfer budget.



Not a lenghty preseason but it did the job.


We are predicted to finish our first season in the 10th place and our board only wants us to avoid relegation.
Can this team do it? Let's wait and see.

Premier League
Gameday 1


Aston Villa is expected to finish 3rd in the Premier League and let me tell you they might really be up for it.
They have a very good squad overall and we couldn't get more than one past them.

Their first goal was a mistake by McGuinness that basically sealed it for me. He passed the ball to Ramsey and he just ran to the goal and scored. Our keeper also had time to defend a penalty. But not everything was bad in this game. We dominated the 2nd half and only didn't score because Aston Villa was lucky.

I'm optimistic for the upcoming season but if we can't avoid relegation we may be sacked from the job so I really need my team to play well in the league.

Next Fixtures


This is a good month for our team to gather some points in the league as we go against some of the weaker sides.
We also have the first game of the Carabao against Wigan in between league matches but I'm not too concerned about cup competitions right now.

The main focus is survival!​
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1st September 2028
Slow Start

Transfers Out


Cameron Archer and Ezra Carrington both left on loan. Carrington's deal has an option to buy clause so he may end up leaving next year.

Transfers In
Merlin Rohl - 40m + 15m


I wanted a better and younger option for the B2B role in our midfield and we turned our heads to Germany once again.

Ethan Laird - 33m


We needed to get a better backup for our RB position. Ethan Laird was on my shortlist and requested to be put on the transfer list. We gave Wolverhampton a total of 72.5m€ this transfer window but all the players we signed are important to our squad.

Premier League
Gameday 2


We had a very good 1st half in this game but Enzo scored a goal from 30m away and then we just couldn't do anything. With our RB getting sent off it just went all downhill.

Premier League
Gameday 3


We relied on 2 penalties to beat Norwich after conceding in the first attack they made in the game.
A win is still a win.

Second Round


We went to this game with a fully rotated squad and we were able to beat Wigan 4-0.

Premier League
Gameday 4


Two wins in a row in the league as we beat Nottingham 5-3. What a game this was.

Third Round


We ended up playing one more game this month as we beat Leicester with our 2nd team once again.

League Table


Aston Villa leads the league table as we stand in the 9th position after 4 games.

Next Fixtures


Tough matches ahead of us in September but at least it's not a packed month.
Let's hope to get out of it with some points.​
17th September 2028
Good Month

Premier League
Gameday 5


We started the month with a 2-0 loss to Newcastle.
We did play well but they were clinical in front of goal and we weren't.

Premier League
Gameday 6


I decided to give Schaffer a chance in the league and he scored his first goal for the club after only 9 minutes.
He did get injured for 4 weeks just after the start of the 2nd half though.

We dominated the game but let Burnley score twice after the 90 minutes from two corners.

Premier League
Gameday 7


Another win in the last game of the month against Brentford.
Both our strikers scored in this match showing both of them are up to the challenge.

League Table


With those results we currently si in the 8th position.
Aston Villa dropped to the 5th position and Bournemouth are currently 4th with only one loss this season.

Next Fixtures


Mixed mounth ahead of us.
We should beat Middlesbrough but Bournemouth's current form can make them a tricky team to beat. They also have a very good team.
The last two matches will be the harder ones. The Manchester Derby finally becomes a real match once again, this time is only for the Carabao but we will still face them twice more at least.

We'll also face Arsenal in the last game of the month but we don't really have any hopes for that one particularly.​
1st November 2028
Nailed It

Premier League
Gameday 8


Good 1st half, bad 2nd half.
We take the W though.

Premier League
Gameday 9


Boring game. Both teams canceled each other the entire game.
We had 7 shots against Bournemouth's 1 but we couldn't score.

Third Round


We were expecting this result and I didn't really bothered with it.
Played my 2nd team to give them some fitness.

Premier League
Gameday 10


Another match we didn't expect much but we almost drew this one.

League Table


We are still 7th in the league so I would say we are doing fine for now.

Next Fixtures


Tricky month once again.
Starting with a match we will most likely lose against Liverpool but then we face 3 teams below us in the table but all of them have quality in their squads.​
3rd December 2028
Decent Enough

Premier League
Gameday 11


Expected loss against Liverpool but I have to say we were the better team.
We had a total of 15 shots, 8 of them on target, against 3 from Liverpool. Obviously they scored from every shot they took and we didn't but it was a good performance nontheless.

Premier League
Gameday 12


We bounced back against Southampton and took the win after being down since the 11th minute.

Premier League
Gameday 13


We had to play our 2nd team due to schedule congestion and unfortunately we couldn't keep our lead in the 2nd half and ended up drawing the Leeds game.

Premier League
Gameday 14


After that unfortunate result we were able to control the game against Brighton and come out of it with the win.
It was not a very entertaining game until the last 10 minutes with all goals being scored right at the end.

Premier League
Gameday 15


I ended up playing one more game in December and we didn't get so lucky against Crystal Palace.
It was a balanced game but in front of goal they had the edge over us.

League Table


We are able to keep a top half position in the league so it's still a very good debut season for us despite some non optimal results.

Next Fixtures


That may change very soon though. December will be a very challenging month, not only because of the number of games we'll be playing but also the opposition.​
30th December 2028
Not Looking So Good

Premier League
Gameday 16


Decent performance against Tottenham but they salvaged the win in the end.

Premier League
Gameday 17


Not a bad result to get away at Everton but could have been better considering the chances we had.

Premier League
Gameday 18


Back to the losses against Newcastle. We didn't stand a chance in this one.

Premier League
Gameday 19


We did make United sweat for this one though but they just dominated the 1st half.
Once again we score first but then can't capitalize on the result.

Premier League
Gameday 20


Very balanced game reflected in the draw.
We keep scoring first and then conceding later on, which is a concern.

Premier League
Gameday 21


We end the month with another loss, this time to Chelsea.
We only had 3 shots and 1 on target, when they score on a corner there's not much more we can do.

League Table


This was a very dark month for our team and the results we get saw us dropping to the 13th position.
We are not far from the top half though and we can easily get there if we can get our form back.

Next Fixtures


At least Janaury is set to be a way easier month so let's hope we can get some positions back.

Youth Intake Preview


On the plus side, this year's Youth Intake looks better than all the others we had.
We hang on every branch we can I guess.
3rd February 2029
Good Start to the New Year

With another transfer window opened I had some positions I wanted to strenghten in our squad.
The first one and the most important was our wingers.
The other one was our goalkeepers, but only if Verbruggen left as he had interest shown in him.

Transfers Out

There were two players leaving our club on permanent deals this winter.


Our 3rd choice Emanuel Coronel only played one game for us this season.
With Fresneda and Lair in the squad he doesn't really have space to shine.

He left the club for 1.5m to San Lorenzo after being with us for one season.


The other player to leave the club was left back Ian Maatsen who was not happy about not being an important player anymore and decided to hand in a transfer request.

When Saudi club Al Taawoun offered 7.5m I had to let him leave.

Transfers In
Sandro De La Hoz - 2m


The first player to arrive at the Etihad was the Colombian 19 year old midfielder who looks very good for his age.

José Angel Alberdi - 10m


The 22 year old winger had a 10m release clause on his contract and was the best option available willing to join our club for not a very high price. He still looks good as a backup. His physicals are what stand out the most about him but he also has decent technicals.

Jeisson Martín - 3.8m


Another 19 year old from South America, this time a LB with some very good attributes. Needs some development in some of the areas of his game but if anything he can be sold for profit in the future.

João Pereira - 300k


Another striker joins the club. The Portuguese also comes in with good base attributes and needs some development but won't be difficult to make profit on him if he turns out as a flop.

Is worth noting that all of them, with exception for Alberdi, were loaned out to their original clubs to get 1st team football.

Premier League
Gameday 22


After our bad run of results we bounced back against Norwich with a lonely goal on the 9th minute by our midfielder who is our 2nd best goalscorer.

FA Cup
Third Round


Our 2nd team got the best of Morecambe in the cup with a 3-0 win to get us through to the next round.

Premier League
Gameday 23


We followed that with another 3-0 win, this time against Nottingham Forest in the league, which was a tremendous game from our team.

FA Cup
Fourth Round


Another good performance in the cup from our team secured us another win, even if it only came after some of our 1st team players entered the game.

Premier League
Gameday 24


Against Burnley we couldn't get better than a draw though, even after scoring in the first 60 seconds of the game.
Thankfully, they missed a penalty, otherwise we would have left our stadium with the loss.

Premier League
Gameday 25


We went to our next game with very few expectations but in the end the answer to win the game was sitting in our bench, as Sangaré and Hemming both scored the goals after coming out of the bench.

League Table


This good run in January made us able to get to the 9th position in the league table, which is confortably 16 points ahead of the relegation zone. There are still a lot of games to be played in the season and a lot of points to be made or loss.

Next Fixtures


Difficult month once again in February and won't be easy to get the consistency we need, let's at least hoep to get points in the next two games.​
26th February 2029
Better than Expected

Premier League
Gameday 26


Good win against Middlesbrough to keep our good form in the league going.
We did lose Duranville to injury for 4 weeks though so Alberdi will have a chance to step up.

Premier League
Gameday 27


Considering the season Bournemouth are doing I was quite pleased to be able to draw this game, even if we could only score from a corner.

FA Cup
Fifth Round


A bit of a disaster in the cup as we got eliminated and lost our backup striker and backup midfielder to 3 week injuries.

Premier League
Gameday 28


Not sure what happened against Arsenal but we dominated the game and were able to draw against the title contenders and almost won have they not conceded in the last minute of the game.

League Table


We dropped 2 positions in the league even with some decent results but we are only 7 points off the 7th place.

Next Fixtures


Difficult start to March against Liverpool but the other two fixtures should be manageable.​
1st April 2029
This is Nowhere Near "Excellent"

Premier League
Gameday 29


Another amazing result this season as we drew 0-0 at Anfield.

Premier League
Gameday 30


We followed it with a comeback at the Etihad against Southampton.
We relied on an own goal but this "own goals" can be ridiculous sometimes...

Premier League
Gameday 31


We finished this month with a 1-0 win against Leeds.
We could have scored way more though.

League Table


We keep our 9th place and ciment our spot in the top half. We are still only 5 points behind the 7th place and 10 behind 6th which guarantees a spot in European competitions but to be honest I'm not sure we are ready for that yet. Maybe we are but we wouldn't know unless we actually make it there.

Next Fixtures


We'll have a very important month ahead of us in April.
All points in stake are super important for us to get a good top half position.

Youth Intake


This was very far from being an excellent intake. I'm hiring some of them because we need players for our U18's otherwise they would be empty but I'm not seeing any of this getting to the first team.
14th May 2029
Great Finale

Premier League
Gameday 33


Somewhere along the way I forgot how to count so now it should be the correct gameday.
Good win against Palace to start the month.

Premier League
Gameday 34


Very bad performance against Brighton saw us losing the game.

Premier League
Gameday 35


However, we had an outstanding performance against Tottenham and ended up beating them at their stadium.

Premier League
Gameday 36


Not as good of a performance against Everton but we ended up with the late win.

Premier League
Gameday 37


We then went up to lose the Manchester Derby in what felt like a Yo-yo end to our season.

Premier League
Gameday 38


And the Yo-yo continues in the last game of the season as we beat West Ham 3-1 to finish up our first season in the Premier League.

League Table


We ended up our 1st season in the Premier League in the 7th position.
Very good season from our team and I really hope we can continue to build up on it to get even further next season.



Our finances took a bit of a beating this season but it was to be expected.
We should have some money getting in in the next few months.​
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Had I only waited one more day before posting an update I would't need to do an entire post only with this but we had some more money injected in our bank accounts.​
16th August 2029
End of Preseason

We had some interesting things happening at the Etihad in the last months.


Our previous owner decided it was time to step aside from football and we now have a new board which didn't put any more money in our club but to be fair we had almost 300m on the transfer budget so we it wasn't really needed.


We also qualified for the Europa League after Liverpool won the FA Cup after qualifying for the Champions League.
Chelsea also had to thank Liverpool since they moved up to the Champions League thanks to Liverpool's cup win.

Transfers Out


We saw some of our 1st team players leaving the club.

Cameron Archer was sold to Saudi for 16m, which was a steal considering we bought him for 1.6m just 2 years ago and he didn't perform well. He did have the best year of his career last year in Scotland where he scored 15 goals playing for Hearts.

Boniface didn't develop as much as I wanted but we also amde a good profit selling him.

Sergi Canós was a vital player for us to be promoted to the Premeir League but being 32 and not near as good as our current wingers we had to sell him. He had a buy clause in his loan deal last year and Swansea ended up paying it.

Harrison Parker's development hit a stalemate last season and when Blackpool offered 7m I had to let him go.

Fazzini and Brownhill both joined on free transfers and ended up being sold, but for different reasons.
Fazzini was not good enough to even be a backup to our backups and Brownhill was losing his physicals very quickly so I had to let him go. He was on 200k/m as well so good to take him out the wage bill.

Transfers In
Assan Ouédraogo - 111m


Our first signing was a new playmaker for our midfield as the 23 year old from Schalke comes in as the best player in our team right now.
Amazing all around attributes and can even score us some goals from distance.

Álvaro Fornals - 30m


A new CB joins the club to replace Harrison Parker and he looks very good. I hope he can still develop some more and I really hope so.

Mahmoud Anwar - 7.5m


A new GK joins the club as our last transfer so far. Verbruggen has been attracting some interest from other English clubs so I went looking for a good replacement in case he ends up leaving us. Honestly, Anwar almost replaces him as our main keeper already but we'll let him develop some more.



Not a good looking final to our preseason as we failed to win games against other Premier League clubs.
We did have some injuries to some key players so I won't take it as roughly since we also beat West Ham 20 in July.

Next Fixtures


Only two matches to be played in August before the ending of the transfer window and they should be easy(ish) ones to get some early points in the season.

Random Stuff


We received job interviews from two Premier League teams, the most exciting one was Arsenal who almost won the title last season and won it 2 seasons ago.

If this was a regular save I would probably take the Arsenal job but right now we need to focus on improving last season's performance which won't be easy since we had a very good debut season in the Premier League.​
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4th September 2029
Start of The Season

There was no transfer business either in our out the club in the end of the transfer window so let's jump straight into the first few games.
I ended up playing one more because the transfer window only closed on the 3rd of September.

Premier League
Gameday 1


Just like when we face each other in the preseason, we failed to beat Norwich for the league even though we dominated the game and they were clearly playing on the defensive.

Premier League
Gameday 2


Similar game against Nottingham who defended the 0-0 the entire game but in the end Akahomen gave us the lead with a header from a corner.

Premier League
Gameday 3


Another game dominated but this time Wolves actually scored 2 past us.
Weiper missed a penalty on the 3rd game of the season. I'm hoping it doesn't happen too many more times.

League Table


We are currently 5th after 3 games but some teams still have one game to play.
Bournemouth started very well once again and are right being Liverpool with 3 wins.

Europa League Fixtures


The UEL draw could have been a lot worse.
In theory we should be able to beat most of the teams we are going up against.



A lot of games to be played this month, including the first 2 european games of the club in 7 years.​
24th September 2029
European Clash and Good Domestic Run

Third Round


Good win against Sheffield in our first cup game of the year with our 2nd team putting on a good show.

Premier League
Gameday 4


Frenetic final minutes against West Ham. Alberdi gave us the win after we almost delivered them the draw at the 90 minute mark.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase

Gameday 1


It was a bad start from our team in Europe.
Frankfurt scored in the their first attempt in front of goal and after that we tried to come back but were unable to.

Premier League
Gameday 5


That almost affected our league form but fortunately James Hemming scored twice in 2 minutes just after getting into the game.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase

Gameday 2


It was a very differentstory in our second European game.
We played our 2nd team and were still able to dominate the game. We took 38 shots, 16 of those on target.

Premier League
Gameday 6


We went against Bournemouth expecting a tough game and possibly a loss since they were unbeaten until they faced us.
However, our team played exceptionally well and came out of the game with the win.
James Hemming scored once again to give us the confortable 2-0 lead, making it his 4th game in the season, while Nelson Weiper is currently struggling to get his 1st.

League Table


We currently lead the Premier League by a point over Liverpool who beat Arsenal 5-0 at Anfield.



Time for the international break for two weeks but we still have 5 games in the last two weeks of October.​
2nd November 2029
Almost a Perfect Month

Premier League
Gameday 7


We start October with a 7-1 win over Everton for the Premier League and James Heeming added 4 more to his personal count.
Excellent win to start our packed 2 weeks.

Premier League
Gameday 8


We followed it with another huge win voer Southampton. This time Hemming didn't score any of the goals but did get an assist.

UEFA Europa League

League Phase

Gameday 3


We had to use our second team for this game due to fitness problems and despite conciding twice in two minutes we were able to get the comeback on the 2nd half.
However, we lost Marcel Ruíz to a knee injury for 6 weeks.

Premier League
Gameday 9


We weren't good enough against Newcastle despite having more shots overall. They scored 4 from 6 shots on target and we didn't score any in 6 chances of our own.

Fourth Round


We got very unlucky in this one. Everton were able to score the equalizer on the 92nd minute but we then got lucky on the penalty shootout as we beat them for the second time this month to get through to the next round of the Carabao Cup.

I'm using mostly our second team for cup competitions because my main focus are the Premier League and the Europa League altough I'm more concerned in getting a good league position in order to keep having European access.

League Table


After 9 games we are the Premier League leaders as we go into November but I don't expect to come back in December and keep our position.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase Table


In the Europa League we are in the 5th position which guarantees we are going through to the knock-out rounds.
Hopefully we can keep our good form to finish the League Phase in the first 8 spots.



Another tough month ahead of us but we do have a chance to keep our good form running.​
1st December 2029
Are We Ready for It?

Premier League
Gameday 10


What a game from our team as we get the win over Chelsea and conditioning them the entire game only allowing 2 shots on target the whole game.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase

Gameday 4


Not as good of a game against Club Brugge for the Europa League though.
We had to play a rotated squad and unfortunately they scored 3 goals in 5 shots on target so we only have ourselves to blame.

Premier League
Gameday 11


We bounced back in the league after our B2B midfielder Marlin Rohl scored from outside the box to give us the win.

UEFA Europa League

League Phase

Gameday 5


We played our second team once again against Maribor and despite only getting one goal in 31 shots we only allowed them to shoot once and not even hitting the target.

League Table


The Tottenham game got postponed to January so we ended up the month with the Europa League fixture.

What concernes the league, we were able to keep our 1st place due to our good run in the last couple of months.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase Table


The loss against Club Brugge hurt our position in the Europa League and we dropped to the 15th position after that game.
We were able to improve a little with the win against Maribor but we may not finish in the top places after all.



We may see our team losing the 1st place in the league this month.
On top of having 8 games to end the year, we'll face Man. United, Arsenal and Liverpool in the matter of 7 days.

Are we good enough to go against them?​
1st January 2030
What is Happening?

Premier League
Gameday 12


We start the haunting month of December with a very valuable win against Brentford.
Weiper started ahead of Hemming due to an injury and scored in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Premier League
Gameday 13


Weiper also scored in the 6-0 win against Crystal Palace at the Etihad but the real star of the show was Duranville who got an assist on top of his 2 goals.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase

Gameday 6


Like I said, our top priority is the league so we are using our second team in Europe and that may cost us some wins but at least we got the draw against Basel.

Premier League
Gameday 14


Another win in the league even though we had to wait until the 85th minute to see our sub Rowe get his moment of inspiration and score the solo goal.

Quarter Final


Another win in the Carabao Cup for our second team and we are going to the Semi Finals.


We finally got to the most challenging week of our entire season so far as we will face 3 teams that should be way better than us.

Premier League
Gameday 15


We won the first Manchester Derby in 7 years!
What a performance from our team to secure the 3 points at the Etihad but to be fair Man. United only shot once on target.

Our center back Akahomen was the man of the match, which is not a weird award since him and Doyle kept United's attack away from our goal.

Premier League
Gameday 16


However, it was an early goal by Arsenal that ended our good run.

Looking at the brightside of this defeat, it was a very balanced game and we got some good chances.

Premier League
Gameday 17


I was left speechless in this game.
Once again, our team performs at a level I would never expect this early in our Premier League campaign.


When you look at the stats it becomes even better. We always had the control of the game. Yes Liverpool had more possession but we don't really want to mantain possession as we play at a higher tempo which proved to be very difficult for them to handle.

League Table


This unbelievable run of results keeps us in 1st place with Bournemouth right behind us.
We are still one game behind most teams and even 2 games behind some other which makes this lead look even better.

UEFA Europa League
League Phase Table


Unfortunately, the draw against Basel puts us in the 14th position and a top place seems harder and harder to achieve.
It's not impossible but won't be an easy task, specially if we are forced to use our 2nd team.



Absolute mayhem at the beginning of the new decade.
A total of 9 games to be played and with both cup competitions this month the Tottenham fixtures was postponed once again.

Transfer In
Yulián Triviño - 2.1m


Another good looking South American player joins our club. The young wing back has a lot going for him. Good base attributes at 19 years old, very versatile, resolute personality and he is a very consistent performer. He was sent out on loan to his club to continue his development.

No other business was made so far. I have one more player in mind but it got pretty bad to get a deal done during contract negotiations.​