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Jul 22, 2013
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Im relatively new to FM 13 but have past experience playing various Champ man and earlier FM iterations.

i have read up quite a bit but obviously not enough as things just aint working for me (i play alongside my friend who manages arsenal).

We both refuse to save quit and reload or add managers etc as that just ruins the point in my opinion but here goes.

first season (13.3 update) i have bought numerous stars who have all played exceptionally well alongside the players i kept (Rooney managed 46 or something goals which was what saved me most times)

My team season one (abused the monthly installments over 48 months)

GK De gea
DL Alaba (swap for nani) kept evra as back up, was intending to phase him in but he played awesome all season
DR Rafael
DC Vidic
DC Ferdinand / Jones
DM Sandro (Carrick and Fletcher used as cover for both DM and MC)
MC Fellaini Solid in the centre and also fitting into DM position from time to time (did buy Thiago but was injured for like 4 months so barely got any use)
AML Bale Fantastic first season
AMR Neymar (retrained to AMR) plays awesome here played really well
STR Rooney Set premier league goals record and Man Utd record in Premier league at 38 goals (high 40s in all competitions)
STR Van Persie played decent but injuries saw him miss about 20 games

Lindergard, Fabio, Evra, Smalling, Fletcher, Carrick, Zaha, Young,

Managed to grab a comfortable second in the premier league (85 points, 10 in front of Tottenham in 3rd but also 10 behind chelsea whilst being knocked out of Champs league in Quarters against Real Madrid) nothing spectacular i know but much better than the 9th my friend achieved as arsenal

how can i setup my team for the new season? We both completed our transfers and have called it a night just want any tips how to best utilise my strong squad

current line up / tactic

GK - Keeper defend - De gea
WBR - Support - Sergio Ramos
WBL - Support - David Alaba
DCR - CD - Defend - Vidic
DCL - CD - Defend - Jones
DM - Anchor - Defend - Sandro
MC - Deep lying playmaker - Support - Schweinstiger
AML - Winger - Attack - Bale
AMR - Winger - Support - Neymar
STLC - Deeplying forward - Attack - Rooney
STRC - Poacher - Attack - Van Persie

Current tactics are a 4-1-1-2-2 which have worked pretty well season 1 but obviously not perfect

Balanced style on control at home and balanced away (unless an easy game away)

Team instructions
passing shorter
more expressive creativity
exploit both flanks

only player instructions are for neymar and bale long shots to rarely and runs with ball often

subs / wonderkids

Lindergard (gk)
Evra (Lb)
Rafael (rb)
Fellaini (dm)
Fletcher (dm / cm)
Thaigo (cm)
Zaha (Amr / str)
Young (aml / amr)
Kagawa (am rlc)
Welbeck (str)

There are other players i try to give time but powell henriquez etc are all on recallable loans

any advice would be welcome as head scratching on how to put together a side to beat the unstoppable AI (one team always runs away with the league.

in previous save Norwich won when i had beaten all top teams as city... Seems like there is a randomly selected computer controlled super team each season

(screenshots could be provided tommorow of tactics / line up etc as that save is on his laptop as opposed to my desktop)
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Jun 14, 2009
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Id try this.

Balanced style
Attacking mentality
More Creative Freedom
Short passing
High pressing
Aggressive tackling
Zonal Marking
Default Roam from position
Drill crosses
On your team instructions untick playmaker so none is selected, play the offside trap and also tick counter attack.

Alaba (DL/Fullback/Support -Set his long shots to rarely)
Rafael (DR/Fullback/Support- Set his long shots to rarely)
Ferdinand (CB/Central defender/Defend- Set his closing down to halfway in the bar)
Vidic (CB/Central Defender/Defend- Set his closing down to halfway in the bar)

Sandro (CML/Central Midfielder/Defend- Set his long shots to rarely)
Thiago(CMR/ Advanced Playmaker/Support)
Bale (AML/Winger/Attack- Set his crossing to sometimes, long shots to rarely, through balls to Often and wide play to "Moves into channels)
Neymar (AMR/WINGER/Attack- set his crossing to sometimes, long shots to rarely, through balls to Often and wideplay to "Moves into Channels)

Rooney (STL/Complete Forward/Support- Set his crossing to sometimes, Through balls to often and long shots to rarely and wide play to "moves into channels")
RVP (STR/Advanced Forward/Attack- Set his through balls to SOMETIMES, crossing to sometimes and long shots to rarely)

Okay that should cover it and be a relatively high scoring and working tactic for your team, im a bit of a tactic enthusiast but id either wait for "TheBetterHalf" (the mod of this forum" to co-sign this tactic or instead offer you better advice. But im sure this will work perfectly well in the meantime, i've had success with something similar :)
Jul 22, 2013
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Thanks will give that a try :) I would assume the player roles should fit ok for my new players? Bought Schweinstiger and Sergio Ramos to add a bit more experience to my line up. Ill let you know how I get on later
Jun 14, 2009
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The most natural thing to do is to swap ramos for ferdinand. The role i suggested for ferdinand will also work for ramos as they are similar players. However, if you would like too add more to the dynamic of the tactic you can change that role to Ball playing defender (Defend)- this will work with both ramos and ferdinand.

As for Schweinsteiger he will fit nicely into the cm(d) role :) That isn't his best role but he is more than capable playing that, its just that you have thiago and it is worth getting the best out of him first.
Nov 25, 2012
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Great signings, you should give this a chance. worked great for me

GK - De Gea - Goal Keeper
LB - Alaba - Fullback - Support
CB - Vidic - Centre Back
CB - Ramos (rotating with Jones to give him some play time) - Centre Back
RB - Rafael - Fullback - Support
AML - Bale - Winger - Attack
CM - Schweinsteiger - Central Midfielder/DLP - Support
CM - Fellaini - BallWinning Midfielder - Defend
AMR - Neymar - Winger - Attack
ST - Rooney - Advanced Forward - Attack
ST - RVP - Complete Forward - Support


Everything else default except Zonal Marking

Won the league 3 seasons in a row with this