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Apr 10, 2009
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Manchester United:New Striker

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Manchester United - Striker

Start of season one, I have 39Million after selling a few players and im not a fan of Berbatov.However I have had an offer of £39M accepted for S.Aguero but he wants £185,000 a week 5.5m sign on fee and agent fee 5.5m. So basiclly should I get him or is there anyone else. Ive looked at Dzeko but im not a fan of him........
Look at Raikans Player Recommendation list, lots of good forwards there.
I don't think that man united need another striker really, in the 2nd season hernandez becomes amazing.
But if you looking for a good striker go for benzema played amazing for me in my last man united save
or abonlahor he was also very good i know he does not look world class but he kept rooney out the team for me :)

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Should i buy LLORIS OR AGUERO 4 39M?
Guillermo Ochoa? ;)

Nah, go for Hulk? Luis Fabiano? Luis Suarez?

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Lloris mate
yeah i was thinking i needed a gk more.
akinfeev is always an amazing goalie when i buy him at man united
buy either lloris, de gea or adler a world renowned GK is needed for man u and hernndez really comes into his own league in the second season, play him as a poacher and you will be sorted for goals, third season for me he has scored 42 goals in 34 games 12 assists
Edinson Cavani, is *** for my Napoli team.
by de gea for 17.5m then buy chramostra he is a beast of striker then save the rest:)
try to buy Higuain or Benzema quality players and Jason Steele to go in goal becomes Englands no.1
mate Landon Donovon would be a good buy you can get him for about £8million and he is an excellent player and it would leave you with about £30million to spend on other players
Might go 4 Neymar, and ATM de gea dosent want 2 join so im gna wait untill jan, offer 5m plus gibson 4 rodwell and they accept :)