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Jul 30, 2009
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Summer Crisis at Manchester United

8th June 2010

There is said to be growing friction between Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and the club's owners, the Glazer family. The reason for the friction between the two parties is believed to be the current financial state of the club, rumoured to be around 750million pounds in debt. The Glazer family has stated that the club must sell some of its star assets to help with the crippling debt, adding that youth players would have to step up to the plate, suggesting that with a manager such as Ferguson at the helm such changes would not be a problem.

The names being mentioned up for sale are Berbatov, Vidic, Nani and star player Rooney. Ferguson sees these players as vital to the clubs immediate success and, in Rooney in particular, considers them as irreplacable. Ferguson is defiant that these players will not be sold under his nose.

9th June 2010

Upon hearing the Glazer's plans to turn Manchester United into a selling club to appease club debt, fans have been seen protesting outside Old Trafford and Carrington training ground, clad in Green and Gold - re-igniting the anti Glazer protests from last season.

It is clear that the fans want the Glazers out before the clubs is turned into a laughing stock, stating that if anyone leaves the club this summer to appease the debt it should be the Glazer family and not the clubs most valuable players. More protests are rumoured to be organized for the next few days.

12th June 2010

Following crisis talks between Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and the clubs owners, rumours surround Old Trafford that Ferguson has been sacked. At this point it is just speculation, an announcement on the clubs future will be made on the 13th June.

13th June 2010

Manchester United fans worst fears were confirmed today with the announcement that manager Alex Ferguson has left the club by mutual consent following a meeting with the clubs owners yesterday. The reason for Ferguson's departure is widely believed to be due his disagreement with the Glazer's vision for the clubs future. The Glazer's are looking to sell star players to help pay off some of the clubs debt.

Assistant manager Mike Phelan has also left the club, supporting Ferguson's ideas for the clubs direction. David Gill announced that youth coach Paul McGuinness would oversee first team affairs while the clubs search for a new manager.

14th June 2010

Media speculation surrounding Manchester United over who will be the new manager has picked up speed with a whole host of names being suggested for the role:
Pep Guardiola
David Moyes
Mark Hughes
Ottmar Hitzfeld
Martin O'Neill
Roy Keane
Eric Cantona
Jurgen Klinsmann
Javier Aguirre
Marcelo Lippi
Fabio Capello
Vicente Del Bosque

Jose Mourinho is the highest profile name missing from the list, this doesn't come as a suprise as he has only recently been appointed manager of Real Madrid. Mourinho has often spoken of his desire to return to England and also what an honour it would be to take over from Alex Ferguson at United but the timing is wrong for both parties.

18th June 2010

Following days of intensive Love United Hate Glazer fan protests it was announced today that the Glazer family have put Manchester United up for sale. This announcement will no doubt please United fans but for many this has come far too late, the club still has to cope with the loss of its most successful manager.

The Glazer's believe that they cannot carry out their plans to sell the clubs star players following Alex Ferguson's departure, believing Ferguson to be the only manager capable of coping with such losses and that any new manager coming in would struggle to keep the club in the top four each season. The time was now right to sell the club.

Aug 2, 2009
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Good start, looks very interesting. Will probably follow, I'm intrigued.
19th Title Here we Come
Apr 10, 2009
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Looks good mate