Manipulating player reputation [NOT editor]

Graz Doz Trez

Feb 2, 2009
Hey guys,

So long story short, I made a mistake and have missed a vital tutoring window.

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I think, that Svilar's "World reputation" (4.5 silver stars) is the reason he cannot be tutored by Renan (4 silver stars).

Does anyone know ways to manipulate this in game? -either raising Renan's or lowering Svilars? I've quickly tried to drop Svilar to the U18s, dropped to affiliate club and transfer listed him, but haven't clicked on as I don't want to do permanent damage to the lad's morale or our relationship.

Long term I assume playing Renan and keeping Svilar buired will change it, but I don't want that it take so long that Svilar's ability increases and then can't be tutored while wasting time playing Renan.

- I will do some save experiments and see what happens.

Thanks guys.