Dec 28, 2009
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Sorry if this is not the right place but i was wondering what is everyone's experience Manolo Gabbiandini since the new patch how good does he become
He isn't in my game and I have alot of leagues loaded. Who does he play for?
Juve, on loan at Bologna in Serie A if I'm not mistakin'.

Oh right, I couldn't find him because you spelt his name wrong haha, it's Gabbiadini. On my save he's had a broken leg so he hasn't developed at all.. Can't help you then unfortunatly :S
He looked really good on Raikan's screenshot, so I went back to my old save to have a quick look how he was on that.... Again, looks really good! :D (Wierd picture in the facepack I am using, I can't decide wether it's a photo or a painting :L)

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Awesome player, scoring 35+ a season for my Bayern team signed him in 2014-2015.
Lol I can get a regen who is 18 years old as good as him... Thats why I said I wouldn't consider him that amazing...
He is immense on the LW - regularly got over 20 goals and 30 assists a season especially if you make him your set piece taker
3 seasons in with Liverpool on my game.
I signed him at very start of game.
Looked poo for first season. Shipped him out on loan to West Ham where he finished there top scorer in season 2. Developed into absolute monster.

Turned down bids at start of 3rd season from likes of Arsenal and Dortmund.