Mar 16, 2013
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Hi, welcome to my Mansfield Town save. You join me quite late into my save as I am already five and a half seasons in but I'll bring you all up to speed.

Although I live in Scotland, I've always supported Mansfield and thought it was only right to begin a save as they are my favoured English team as well as the fact I love a great challenge.

Season 2012/13

I always believed that we had the ability to cause a stir in the Blue Square Premier and we did just that. Our media prediction was 7th but I believed with the right formation and right players we could gain promotion.


Due to the club having having some outstanding attacking players and most of the other teams having poor defenses I was able to play a really attacking free-flowing style of play.

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I was very lucky with transfers as due to the club having a sugar daddy, I had 250k to spend and plenty of wage budget to manoeuvre with.

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I released all the players I believed were deadwood which allowed me to adjust the budget to spend a whopping 625k in my first season, allowing me to bring in some massive names such as David Suazo, Tresor Kandol, Ryan Gauld and Luigi Bruins. These signings were instrumental to my success in this and future seasons.

Best Signings

My best signing was Luigi Bruins as he scored an incredible 18 goals in 37 games from attacking midfield although my favourite signing was 16 year old Ryan Gauld as he promised to be a phenomenal player and he did a very good job since his arrival in January.

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Blue Square Premier

We exceeded all expectations by winning the Blue Square Premier at the first attempt! We were the leagues second top goalscorers and had the best defence, proving that we are more than capable of playing in the football league. We were consistent all season and I feel it would have been an injustice has we not won the league.

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Domestic Cups

We were so poor in the domestic cups it wasn't even worth uploading but here is how we got on:

FA Cup: 1st Round
FA Trophy: 1st Round

Season Review

I was very pleased with how things went but was a tad disappointed with how we performed in the domestic cups as we made so little impact but I suppose I cant complain as we did what I hoped we would at the start of the season, gain entry into the football league!!

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Mansfield Town - The Rise from the Ashes

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Season 2013/14

This would surely be a season to remember with this being the first time we've been in the Football League in 5 years. I had hoped we would beat the media expectation of 23rd, and retain our Football League status.


After last years dominance, I took a more defensive and solid approach to the campaign, playing a DM,CM and AM. This gave me a solid defensive unit but also quick on the counter attack with the wingers, AM and lone striker.

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After last seasons transfers (Bruins,Gauld,Kandol etc.) we didn't need to many big money signings, rather good squad players giving us strength all across the pitch. This is why many of my signings were loans but for League 2, the players I had at my disposal were very impressive.

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Best Signing

The best signing of the season was one of the many loan players brought into the club. Abdi Ibrahim was the anchor man of the side and stabilised the squad with his defending as well as killer passes and counter attacking goals.

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Npower League 2

This is stuff of dreams! We have been promoted!!! The loan signings form the premier league (Snodgrass,Whitaker and Edu) really helped and brought quality and depth. We brought in Guatemalas Number1 and he really helped in the sticks.
We reached the play-offs and had Bristol Rovers in the semi-finals. The first game was a nervy 2-2 draw, but we showed our class in the second leg winning 3-0 and reaching the final and Wembley! We played Cheltenham in the final and ran out 2-0 winners, Chuks Aneke and Robert Snodgrass with the goals.

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Domestic Cups

We yet again made no impact in the Domestic Cups exiting rather early but since we gained promotion I think I can forgive the players(H)

FA Cup: 3rd Round (1-0 defeat from Chelsea)
Capital One Cup: 1st Round (2-2 defeat on pens from Derby)
JPT: 1st Round

Season Review

I am extremely pleased with how the team performed in the league but feel that we still need to improve in the cups. Onwards and upwards for next season as we will be playing League 1 football!!

Mansfield Town - The Rise from the Ashes

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Season 2014/15

We're in league 1! The board expectation was to avoid relegation and our media expectation was once again in a relegation place, 23rd, although I did believe we could do better than that.


This year due to some important signings both on loan and permanent, we could play an attacking formation similar to the one used in the Blue Square Premier, but this time we're playing with two strikers rather than two AM's.
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I managed to sign last years Player of the Year Abdi Ibrahim on a free from Man City, Glenn Murray who was released from Crystal Palace and Lorenzo Tassi, an AM from Inter Milan.

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Best Signing

This year the best signing was Lorenzo Tassi, he didn't score or assist that many but his general passing play was very important to our performances this year. Tassi was closely rivalled to the award from last years POTY Abdi Ibrahim who was once again outstanding and other new signing striker Glen Murray who scored an impressive 21 goals throughout the campaign.

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Npower League 1

This is just phenomenal, another promotion!! This time via runners up ensuring no play-offs either. We were extremely lucky to finish second as you can see in the table below any of the four teams below could've pipped us to the post but as ever we held our ground and got an incredible 3rd consecutive promotion!

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Domestic Cups

FA Cup: 4th round (1-0 loss to Wigan)
JPT: 1st Round
Capital one Cup: 1st Round

Season Review

This has been another fantastic year for the club as its growth in stature is drawing large crowds to the games and the backing from the stands is evidently helping out the club. We have once again struggled in the domestic cups but our league performance has more than made up for that failure. Onwards and upwards for the stags!!

Mansfield Town- Moving on up.

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Season 2015/16

We are now just one division below England's elite as we have been able to secure three successive promotions to get here. Once again the media expect us to be relegated as we have been tipped to finish rock bottom of the league, I guess it's up to me and the players to prove them wrong and show we have enough quality to mix the best.


We went back to our Npower Legaue 2 formation of 4 players playing through the middle, this worked for us as it brought stability into the squad and let us soak up a bit more pressure, allowing us to counter attack sharply.

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We had to make some defensive signings this year although we did bring in one or two attackers we focused mainly on stabilizing things at the back.
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Best Signing

The signing of the season was our defensive rock Niall Canavan. He was superb at the back and our success was mostly down to his defensive leadership.

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Npower Championship

Heartbreak!! We were beaten 1-0 in the playoff final against Sheffield Wednesday, although we dominated the game we were beaten by an 86th minute strike from Michail Antonio. We beat Wolves 2-0 on aggregate to reach there but in all the two that went up automatically were far superior to any of the other sides in the division.

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Domestic Cups

Pictures speak a thousand words....

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Season Review

Another very impressive year for the club, although I am gutted we never got promoted as we dominated that final. Another poor display in the domestic cups but I really do feel like were only a few players away from promotion. In all very happy, see you all next year

Mansfield Town- Moving on up.

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Season 2016/17

After our performance last season the board wanted me to achieve a respectable league position and the media predicted us to finish 8th, but this season I believed we could do better than expected and gain promotion to the best league in the world, the Premiership.

We stuck with last seasons formation of playing 4 through the middle of the park, for the reason that it worked last year and we've built on that squad so I'm expecting good things from the team.

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We did well in the transfers department, making more money than we spent (couldn't fit in all departures) but i feel we made the squad stronger and our performances on the park proved me right.

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Best Signing

The best signing was definitely Nouha Dicko. He scored 17 goals in 23 games but I am a tad disappointed as he was plagued by injury and if he was fit all year I feel he could've had 25+ goals.

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Npower Championship

YESSS!!!! We have reached our first goal of getting to the premier league! I really have nothing top complain about but we were 3 points clear on the last day of the season and bottled it! Was a bit gutted as it would've been our first piece of silverware since the Blue Square Premier title but still, I guess the next one to win is the premier league

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Domestic Cups

We reached the 4th round of the capital one cup which I think is the furthest we've been so far so I suppose I cant complain this year but we need to improve greatly in the domestic competitions.

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Season Review

We've reached the Premiership!! Finally after last seasons defeat in the playoff final we have done it! I was very happy we managed to get automatically promoted too! I was very proud of the players and this also means no more very poor editing required
;) See you all in the Premier League!!
Mansfield Town- Moving on up.

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Season 2017/18

Due to this being our first season in the Premiership, all I could ask for was to stay clear of Relegation.
The board just wanted me to stay clear of relegation and the media reckoned I would finish 20th.


I played a very defensive formation this year but also played to my strengths as I signed Steven N'Zonzi and Javi Garcia who both have top-flight experience and would keep the young defence right. Apart from moving the central midfielder to defensive midfield the formation was the same with an AM and one striker.

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This was very strange for me as i normally only had around 2m to spend and had to sell players to buy but the board gave me an incredible £32m so I decided to buy players that can play right now and help me stay up, rather than going for players for the future.

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Player of the Year

This years POTY was Lorenzo Tassi my AM. He was outstanding all season with his general passing play and assists. He also pitched in with his fair share of goals too.

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Premier League

An incredible premier league position! Due to Tottenham winning the FA cup and Man U winning the capital one cup we have qualified for the Europa League! An unbelieveable acievement for the club since we were in the Blue
Square Premier just 6 years ago!

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Domestic Cups

We made a significant improvement in the domestic cups with us reaching the Quarter Finals of the capital one cup and the 5th round of the FA cup so no complaints.

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Season Review

A great start to life in the premier league for the club as I never expected us to be in the top half never mind
qualifying for the Euro Cup. It will be a great experience for the club to play in the Euro CUp for the first time.
We also made a huge improvement in the domestic cups. Hopefully next year we can break the big 6 but in the mean time I'm very proud of the players for what they have done.

Mansfield Town - Tough at the top.

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Last year was a memorable one for the club as its the first time the club have reached the top division. After the success we had last year, we were hoping to build on the squad but due to my stupidity I sold too many Home-Grown players but bought in a VERY familiar face;)


The deals this season were not quantity but quality as we desperately needed a new right back. We didnt break the bank and didnt buy needlessly either so next season we will have no cause for concern.

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Pre-Season Friendlies

Not very important but nice to go unbeaten.

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We have been drawn against Slask Wroclaw in the play-off round of the Europa League. (For all you Dundee United fans out there lets just hope they don't trash the town like they did in Dundee

Monthly Updates will start very soon.

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Premier League

Arsenal 2
-1 Mansfield

Mansfield 3-0 Birmingham

This is a decent start to the league as a 2-1 defeat to Arsenal is no shame and a very comfortable 3-0 win over Birmingham gives us a decent current league standing of 8th.


Mansfield 1
-1 Slask

Slask 0
-1 Mansfield

We have qualified for the Europa League Group Stage!!!

In my group .........(DRUMROLL).........

Athletico Madrid
Lokomotiv Moscow

This excites me as we have some tricky fixtures and will test how good the team is in comparison to our european counterparts.

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Premier League

Man City 5-1 Mansfield

Mansfield 1-1 Chelsea

Liverpool 2-1 Mansfield

Mansfield 2-1 Sunderland

A very difficult month in the league sees us pick up only 4 points, but three very difficult games lets the players off a bit. A 93rd minute winner for Liverpool saw a well deserved draw slip away and I was forced to field a weak/fatigued side due to the Europa League qualifiers but I'm happy we've got some difficult games out of the way.

Europa League

Lokomotiv Moscow 1
-2 Mansfield
Tassi(55) Sturridge(85)

YES!!! We've won our first game in the Europa league group stages! Top of the league! Absolutely ecstatic and we really deserved it. The only way is up but we have a tricky tie against Athletico Madrid in 2 games time.

Capital One Cup 3rd Round

Norwich 4-2 Mansfield

A very disappointing game as we are now out of a winnable competition but at least we can focus on the Europa League and the Premier League.

I'm sorry about the lack of recent activity as I've not played it this week but another update will be posted before the weekends over.