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Oct 21, 2010
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Hi guys!

Can anyone explain to me, what Marco Reus' career plans in the new update means? It says he would not prefer to play Schalke, which is pretty acceptable. But it also says, that he would prefer not to play in England, Italy, Spain and France. What is that all about? Does it mean, he wouldn't prefer to play for a club in those countries? Because that would be highly unrealistic for such a young player, to already have stated that, for the rest of his career. What is up with that, and how much meaning will it have, if I want to buy him (I'm Arsenal)?

i've bought players that didnt want to play where i was based so dont worry too much about it
Have you tried Briixx?

I've bought him for City in the past, wages are just as ridiculous as all the other good players.
It just means that he would prefer to play his career out in Germany, much like many German players. It doesn't mean that he won't play abroad though, he's just more likely to accept an offer in his home nation.
it means that if two club of same rep offer him contract,one from german and the other from france maybe,he'll go for the german.kinda like that but dont bother much about it.they'd go for money anyday.
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