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Marcus Edwards - Tottenham


Oct 18, 2011
Hello all.

Does anyone know if Marcus Edwards is in the game? He plays for Tottenham Hotspur in real life and he's 15 years old.

He's represented England U17's on a number of times recently and he's been touted as the next big thing. Former Spurs' manager & academy manager Tim Sherwood, in an article with The Independent, said

'Currently in the academy at Spurs there is a 15-year-old, Marcus Edwards, who is already playing for England Under-17s. He is the kind of player who, as a coach, makes you look forward to walking out on to that pitch in the morning. Everyone in development football has heard of Marcus. He is a gifted technician with a low centre of gravity, who can pass off either foot or dribble past opponents'

'When I was at Spurs, I would persuade anyone and everyone at the training ground to come over to see him train. He is a joy to watch. Again, he is the kind of player who might not always get a game. There might be a bigger boy who could be more effective on that given day, but in time Marcus has the potential to be a great player, a make-the-difference footballer. He can win you a game. These are the kind of talented players that we must not neglect.'

I've heard there are other 15 year olds in the game, so I was wondering if he was.


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Nov 7, 2012
Can't find a Marcus Edwards. He has to be over 16 by the time his league starts, so I'm assuming his date of birth is after ~20th of August.