Falcon 09

Feb 19, 2011
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Hello there people, I've just started a game up with AC Milan using Raikans Dortmund tactic. I was wondering if anyone had great success using Balotelli in any specific role? I've tried him as an advanced forward but he's been a bit hit and miss. ...
deep lying forward. scored 15 goals for me. I also have Jovetic though.
He's got 14 goals all competitions for me, I'm in March, that to me is pretty meh considering he plays in all of my games, bar one or two.
terrible work rate, team work and positioning...

play him as a poacher, and keep him to hold his position. seems like if you give him a role that is even mildly complex he'll flop.
Balotelli has some flaws: low Consistency, very low Professional and low Pressure. Because of his low Work rate and Teamwork you should play him as poacher or deep lying forward attack.