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Jun 21, 2013
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Which shall I buy? - Currently have a £93m budget as Chelsea, just finishing the 1st season.

Gomez for £10m vs Rooney for £30m

Rooney, very versatile, the best DLF/Complete Forward IMO. and its after the 1st season, he's beast. Though has a knack of being booked, just like in real life, in my saves, all 3 seasons, he leads the league in red cards and yellow.
Can't get both mate; already have Benteke, Torres and Lukaku, and Benteke is my main man up top - He's unplayable :)

But just wanted to take advantage of buying one of these two incredible players who are both on the transfer list: I'm thinking of selling Torres if that helps, as he's only bagged 7 Goals in 22 Games on 175k p/week wages.

If you want Poacher, then Gomez is slightly better. But everything else is on Rooney's side.
Rooney DLF-S and Benteke TM-A would be pretty immense!!
You have benteke. Rooney + benteke is awesome i think. Benteke adv. forward. Rooney DLF... 2 center mid field, 2 adv. winger, and rooney and benteke is good. Buy good crossing wingers, to utilize benteke more.

Torres is a good back up to rooney, and lukaku for benteke. Or just sell torres, and have mata to be your back up DLF.

try to get fellaini or sandro, that would help your formation.
i love rooney 20million more expensive who cares hes strong he scores goals gets assists helps defend good set pieces can play striker LW RW CAM CM and irl isnt a bad keeper dunno about FM lol
Sorry Lads, but bought Gomez for £10m yesterday - United suddenly upped their asking price to £37m for Wazza.

So, got Benteke and Gomez: Loaned out Lukaku once again, and sold Torres for £9m to Newcastle (I'm surprised they can afford his crippling wages, for the diminishing talent on offer).

I play with the 1 striker up top in all my formations, so personally I'm happy with only 2 strikers, but can call Lukaku back if needed and can buy Rooney (if still available in the Jan Window)

Cheers for the help anyways lads, much appreciated.