Marko Livaja - Global Ban?


Jul 10, 2010
i signed him but haven't had chance to play him yet, he's been out at my Bulgarian feeder club for the last 3 seasons in order to gain a WP. stats say he's been doing well there, but it's not exactly the best environment to judge a players ability.


Jun 25, 2010
Here is one article from today:
Livaja lost days in Lugano: 'No chance to get back at Hajduk, I will play in England or Italy! "

Hajduk extra talent Marko Livaja, an attacker who was with 16.5 years directly from the cadets moved to the first team, autumn peak season spent in waiting for the registration of securities in the Swiss second division Lugano. Winter break is back Livaja in Split where they will stay until early January next year.

- Do not worry, I'll play in February in Lugano. After six months the parents reside in another state according to UEFA, go another application for registration - said Livaja.

The young striker has added that the difficult period has passed, but at no moment did the thought of return.

- It was not pleasant to know that I got rejected for registration in Lugano and I have to spend the entire fall in training, with no matches. But I am confident that I made the right move and not one I thought of a return to Hajduk. Gode we praise the Poljud, but I decided to go and I am firmly convinced that I will play in Lugano spring peak season.

Six months ago, however, the multiple loss. Hajduk lost because he ran out of talented players. He lost Livaja not playing because he broke his football development, and Lugano is not got any players he wanted. When Livaja often mentioned that Lugano is just a temporary stepping stone to Inter Milan.

- I am still convinced that I will play in a big club. Italy or England, it is my country. Yes, I will be in a big club - said Livaja.


Aug 22, 2011
I made that Wiki page. He was definitely at Inter and loaned to Lugano, but they've sold him to Cesena now.