Master League Teams (Pro Evo 6)

Brum Boy

Sep 28, 2005
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Well i finally signed some players, so i thought it would be a good idea to share teams, as i no everyone on here is mad pro players. I'm arsenal ands started with castolo etc just finished my first season and this is my team

GK - Borac
RB - Setitaris
LB - Bridge
CB - Jaric
CB - Valeny (havent signed any CBs yet lol
CM - S.Petrov
CM - Bullard
SS - Wilhelmsson
SS - Gygax
CF - Rossi
CF - Muzzi

So as you can see at the moment my team is absolute wank :mad:
nah thats not a bad team if you've just finished your first season with the default players.

And who needs centre-backs when you have the mighty Jaric and Valeny?!
Hmmm you must conceed loads of headers with tiny Jaric at CB. I know I do when i play small players.

I'll post up my teams later :thup: