match day experience and threading?!


Dec 26, 2008
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i was just scrolling through my preferences and noticed 'match day experience' and 'threading'.does anybody know what these do to your game??

also has anyone ever messed about with the extra files and noticed a difference??
I'm not entirely sure what 'Match day experiance' does but according to its tool tip, apparently it just reduces the number of screens you need to go through on matchdays making them quicker.

Threading will allow the game to run more than one thread if you have a processor with multiple cores and/or hyper-threading. Putting it in layman's terms, basically it will allow the game to run faster if you have a CPU with either of these things.
ok,thaks for that mate

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do you have threading ticked or unticked??
After having a crash dump recently and reading preventions of it, a post on here recommended unticking threading if you have anything other than a single core processor (mine being dual core).