Sep 3, 2012
Reaction score
I dont know if the match engine is supposed to be better now after an update but I havent played for a couple of months until this week and the results are not good.

Goalkeepers are ridiculous I dont even want to get into this because i'm too furious right now but basically they do terrible passes straight to the opposition and are very erratic and poor in general.

Players still do not react to the ball!!! How hard can this be to get right?? It is worse than the match engine last year in terms of this. Example from the game I have just played where my goalkeepr from goal kick passes out to the fullback who's name does not appear above his head (like it does when in possession) and he strolls around not realising he has the ball it goes by him and they get it and score. Second example from the same game although this has to do with marking as well which can also be a pain to watch at times. Anyway The opposition are attacking me and they have 2 forwards on the edge of the box both being man marked by my CBs the ball gets played in to the nearer of the 2 forwards and my centre backs decide this is a good moment to swap which forward they are marking and thus allowing their striker to advance unopposed through my defense and score an easy goal. I have a clip of this but not sure how to upload it?

These things are not down to player errors it is match engine errors 100% and dont say it is my tactics about the CB situation, its not. The game I just played I lost 4-1 but my team played really quite well and were unlucky not to score a few more goals, obviously no one likes losing but its not so bad when you can say it is because of a tactical error or a player error or whatever but it is infuriating when you lose like this because of faulty programming in the match engine. No proffessional player on earth would let a striker recieve the ball on the edge of the box and then turn his back and run off to mark a completely different irrelvant player, now i dont care if the striker had ran straight past him and he had at least looked as though he had tried to make a tackle or block but no.

I normally dont criticise the match engine and never have felt strongly enough about it do so on any of the previous games but the FM 13 engine to me is unacceptable. There were problems when I stopped playing a couple of months ago and thats why i got fed up of it and it looks as though nothing has changed.

However on a positive note I have made quite a good set piece for corners which I have scored 4 in 5 games :D