Matt Sladek: A young yankee's journey from college to managing professional football


Feb 13, 2017
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Well I finally graduated. After 4 years at Miami University in Oxford Ohio I managed to graduate with my degree in sports management, but now I'm wondering what's next? All I've ever wanted to do is to manage a soccer club and lead them to glory. So I decide to do the only logical thing possible, contact lower league clubs with managerial vacancies in the UK and Ireland. If this fails I don't know what I'll do.
The Offers

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I receive two job offers, one from Stirling Albion FC and one from Loughgall FC. I guess 21 year old Americans are in high demand in the lower tiers of Scotland and Northern Ireland. After two interviews that clearly went well, they both offer me the position of head coach. It is time for the biggest decision in my adult life. Do I attempt to climb the ranks of Scottish soccer and end Celtic's stranglehold on the league, or do I go to North Ireland and create a dynasty there?
I've been playing Loughgall since FM14 and always enjoyed my time there. Good luck with whatever you decide.
I am sure that it is very necessary to go towards your dream. I didn't do it on time, and now I'm sorry. 3 years have passed since this thread, and I hope that you started the journey, and did not leave this business, as I did. For now I have a lot of regrets, but it's too late.

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