Matt Thornhill


Dec 10, 2010
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He has signed for my team hibs any nottingham forest fans/followers or ppl that have seen him play is he any gud what sort of midfielder is he
I thought Forest should of kept him. Showed a lot of pottential. However Forest had got a load of players way ahead of him i.e Mckenna, Cohen, Mcgugan and Raddy. Hope he does well.
Hope so too we need a few players tho otherwise we will be a first division team next season
I think Colin knows him, but he was never gonna make it at Forest. Good luck to him.
hes a pretty good player, sort of a frank lampard style player, scored 5 goals for forest in about 30 games or something like that (most of the bench) but isnt gonna get into our Forest team, isnt even on our bench.

Only played once this season and scored against Bradford. He will get some goals but doesnt really contribute much defensivly.

Good luck to him