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Max squad size beyond 150


May 9, 2011
Hi. I am still playing FM14 and came up with the following. I was just wondering if you or you knew someone else who knows of a fix.

I edited the database (see below) and within 10 years of DB testing the total squad size for each team is over 150 for all 10 teams also by 20 years they averaged 250+. Upon checking EPL clubs their total squad size is around 50. Is there a fix to this?

Quick details - Created a nation (used CIS), competition, cities, stadiums and clubs (10). Set up nation rules including a reserve and U19 comp. Included max squad size of 23 (I understand that this is for senior squad only). Teams set to amateur to help build up finances and player CA before turning semi-pro. Database size 35000.

Also I set teams to have a sugar daddy (underwriter) and included increase starting funds. Also within 10 years 3 teams turned semi pro but from the other 7 amateur clubs 3 of those have negative balances. Is there something to help this?

Playing around with finances makes teams turn professional too quickly and go into a negative balance within 5 years.

Any help to my 2 questions would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

New info - On average in 10 years time 70 players were paid wages even though 23 max could be registered. Moved division to england level 8 (no promotions/relegations) and this fixed squad size to an extent. Players moved easier to English sides therefore keeping their size down. But this then stops Euro Cup entries as it is now a level 8 comp which limits the ability for the Nation/Competition/Clubs/Players to grow.

Thanks for any help.