Dec 14, 2010
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I'll apologise if this has been asked before, I have searched around already.

So yeah, title explains it really. How many coaches/scouts/physios am I allowed to ask for? I've got pretty decent staff already but some of my veterans are closing in on retirement and have pretty decent coaching stats so I want to put them on my staff list. Every season I ask the board for more staff and I get one or two more coaches allocated but is there a limit on how many I will eventually be allowed? Or can I just keep asking every year?

I've got something like thirteen scouts, three physio's, three fitness coaches, five first-team coaches, four youth coaches and eleven normal coaches at the moment (but don't quote me on this because I'm at work and don't have exact numbers).

I'm sentimental and some of the players have been at the club for a while so I would love to retain them and the staff I already have are very good so I don't want to sack anybody just to make room.

Anyone know?

Cheers in advance!
When you ask your board for more coaches and they accept, you are allowed to sign two more coaches than you were allowed to sign earlier. Same goes with scouts and physios as well.
Go to the boardroom, there it will show the amount of coaches, scouts and physios you have and are allowed to have. Bottom left on the default skin. You will get 2 more every time you ask, but I have no idea what the max is.
I was asking too for more coaches and the board agreed.. but now... something happened and board dropped coaches allowed for me, so now I have +4 coaches and I can't mutual terminate them, because I also have +4 more :( No I can sign Quintiano Lemos Filho and Fausto Salsano (both awesome for att and shoot) because they are interested, but.. :'(
Miller11, man do you know what is the maximum number of teams you can have in one league with two round, and with one round?