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Feb 11, 2012
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So, I finally got FM13 sorted. Haven't really played it much, just had a shot at the Invincibles Challenge with Celtic thinking it would be easy in a one-team league. I promptly lost the first match 3-2 to Aberdeen. So, with no real experience I am just attempting the Champions League Challenge with just one rule: don't manage Man United until the very end as a fan of the club myself I will find it hard to resign as the manager.

Anyway, I have started with 5 countries loaded (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal) and I am choosing between 3 teams. Barcelona (just to get off to a quick start), AC Milan (they start to decline in the game and I am no miracle worker) and Liverpool (hate them, get it over with as soon as possible). I'll let you know who I choose in my next post.

Today, AC Milan have shocked the footballing world in a decision so big it can match Eric Cantona's infamous decision to karate kick that unfortunate spectator. Massimilano Allegri had notably resigned from the AC Milan managerial seat due to health concerns and is hoping to seek alternative jobs in management. Meanwhile, AC Milan have recently appointed former Scotland international Max Power as the new manager. The former defender who was capped 26 times for his nation with his most memorable moment being that assist to the goal that defeated Romania to qualify for the World Cup. This is Power's first job in management and is hoping to make a massive impact.

Thanks guys! I've got a lot of work to do with Milan if pre-season is anything to go by.

With only 1 competitive match in August this is a short update. I did let my assistant take charge in all friendly matches, something which I always do. Anyway, these are the results from pre-season

FC Bayern 5-1 AC Milan
Khimki 1-4 AC Milan
Ural 0-1 AC Milan
Volga NN 0-2 AC Milan
CSKA Moscow 2-1 AC Milan
Amkar 2-3 AC Milan
AC Milan 2-2 Juventus

So a disappointing pre-season if I say so myself. Really considering sacking my assistant manager after the Bayern and CSKA losses.


Parma 1-3 AC Milan
Prince-Boateng 2

Happy with this after a poor pre-season. KPB deservedly got MOTM

I wasn't really active this window as I spent a whopping 1.8 million on two players. Craig Gordon and Antonio Rosati. My GKs seriously needed improved as I felt only Abbiati was worthy to stay. A lot of people left in comparison to those joining. I loaned several players out including Marco Amelia and Bakaye Traore and the only person leaving permanently was Urby Emanuelson who went to Everton for a whopping 6 million!


I feel I have a shot this year in getting through as I was given a tough but possible group

1. AC Milan
2. Man City
3. Galatasary
4. Nordsjaelland

Mainly worried about Man City but Galatasary do pose a threat.
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Sorry, laptop overheated on deadline day and I did save the game after the Parma result but I have a new CL group. Going to edit it into latest post.

On deadline day, I added 2 new players to my team, Jaoa Cancelos and Adryan for a combined fee of 1.875 million. I also arranged a loan deal for a Fiorentina right-back but it was cancelled as it was right at the end of the window and it was never confirmed. Not much activity elsewhere with the biggest deal being Lichtensteiner to Chelsea.