Nov 2, 2012
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have just had a message from my head physio saying adryan may not fulfill his potential due to the serious nature of his injury (broken ribs) was out for 4wks any idea how bad this will affect him as i have never had this message before
to be honest, it depends what age he is if he is like 22 or 23. he may not fulfill it as he is reaching the last stages were he can fulfill the last bit of potential left. however if he is under 20, then 4 weeks is not that much. the worst is a leg broken etc.. those were you are out for a full season etc.. then that youngster you should sell as he wont fulfill potential.
he only 18 i think as it is first season of my spurs save but i have had a few injuries now starting to bug me but this was the most serious have reduced training but nothing stops the injuries
he might be injury prone so that means he will most likely succumb to regular injuries... keep him till his 20 21 if he hasnt improved that much just sell. there will probably be better regens in the game by then.
4 weeks isn't even a long time. Is this injury just one in a series of injuries?
that's really strange then. 4 weeks should be just a blip on the map.