Mazzarri`s 3-6-1 Napoli tactic


May 3, 2010
Hi guys i just want to share with you new tactic because i miss the times when Mazzarri trained Napoli.
So i decided to recreate one of his tactics, the basic one.
Its based mainly from zonalmarkings analysis and mine memories of the plays and goals.

Its not hard tactic, i say medium skill wise for players to learn but its good to learn it from start of the summer or winter friendlies so when you reach competitive the players will know its basics.

For you guys training and match prep is easy as you can adapt to your opponent here, or you can go full defensive as you want

About players the main focus is on back 3, the left one of the party have to be good central defender, the middle one good sweeper to protect both of the guys so the defender on right have the time to spread good balls as he have to be good ball playing defender.

Midfield is classic central midfielders need to be good anchors or ball winning mids, left is anchor right ball winner.

Attacking midfielders left is shadow striker right is trequartista.

Striker i recommend someone like Cavani style but you can go here with poacher also like Rodrigo it doesnt have to be defensive striker per se.

If you watched some Napoli games versus Villarreal in UEL you know they played good football and that is what i wanted to recreate.

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