Jul 20, 2010
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Hello. i want to ask a question. on what factors is the media prediction calculated? i thought its based on what you did last season in your championship. For example i manage Atletico Madrid and won the last 2 years La Liga but even after doing so, i got a media prediction of 3.
Espanyol who was bough by some arabs 2 seasons ago (and now is like manchester city of Spain :p) gets since then a media prediction of 1 even though since they got owned by the arabs they only managed to win the Spanish Cup 1 time and in La Liga finished 7th and 4th. its a bit frustrating seeing you dominate a league, yet when a new season starts the press does not recognize you as a true force and gives you only small chances to win the title. what do you guys think?
It depends on alot of things I think.

Man City are always predicted to win the league on mine, yet they haven't won it in 4-5 seasons. I would say the main thing boils down to your strength in the transfer market and the players you are linked with through the media.

Alot of it will have to do with the way you performed last season, for example, I made it into the champions league spots on my Derby save last season - so I've been predicted to come 3rd, the same as last season. Although this may of been affected by the board take over I've had as well.
I don't think it depends on a lot. When you start in 2010 you'll find at most games the predictions will end up the same. When you get further in the game it's 9 out of 10 the position you finished last season. Doesn't seem like a big calculation to me.
End of the day, I enjoy the challenge of proving the media wrong. Mind you, I've won 5 of the last 6 La Liga's with Barcelona, and I'm massive favourites at the beginning of each season :p I think Tom really hit the nail on the head
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No, it has nothing to do with how much success you've had. In my save, I've won the league nine times in a row, yet Man City are always predicted to win the league, even when they finished 12th the season prior. Not only that but, despite nine consecutive titles, my media prediction is always third or fourth!

It's all a bit inconsistent. Opposition managers often taunt me with "mid-season if they're lucky", even when I was about 20-25 points clear at the top of the league with ten or so games to go.

Luckily it's not a major a major part of the game (for me, at least).