Mega Graphics Pack


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Jan 28, 2006
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Just found this on sortitoutsi. Only just downloading it to give it a try, but the general concensus on there is that its really good.
oooooh cheers...hav been wanting to get all the pics and stuff sorted for a while....
O god this internet is really ****, it says it is going 2 take 24 hours 2 download, or interent is bein tempermental atm 2, this will prob crash it

Up 2 31 hours, im cancelling
i downloaded it fine, took about 2 hours. It was downloading at 90kb/s but when i started it was about 12 kb/s. Try at a different time of day maybe.
Mine came down at 415kb p/s. Took about half hour. Still aint installed it yet though, aint had the time
It's really good most team kits and stadium backgrounds for clubs again :D
Its an .exe file so should go in automatically to where its gotta go
If your struggling its C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager. When it says the folder exists just carry on anyway.
It is a really good pack. Just a pity theres no 3GT kits for the Premier.
I didn't like it myself, couldn't be bothered to figure out which files to delete so I'm reinstalling instead.
Won't dl for me for some reason, I click to start download from the site and nothin happens...
Any1 else find that whichever team you choose to manage the background picture for your club gets darker eventually appearing as a black background, has this happened to any1 else? Any1 know the cause/fix?
Hasnt happened to me yet. First Ive heard of it really