MEGAPACK KITS for Football Manager 2021: + 70 Leagues, Divisions and Nations

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Hey mate, thanks for the file, now it's easier to sort all the kits out. But for the download, can you change it so that the downloads come from Megafile or MediaFire. Just dont want to get any virus'
Hi, tks for the hard working here.

Is there any chance to have it uploaded to mediafire? Tks a lot!!
Hey guys, part 3 does indeed work and none of these you have to pay for. requires me to register, which I do yet I don't receive any mail from them to actually download the pack. Any help?
Hi, I am only missing part 3. There is no way I can download it. I am not saying that it cannot be done, but rather that I cannot. Could someone who has it send it to me via "wetransfer" for example?

Thank you.
What can I say? I've downloaded and installed all of them without problems.
I feel sorry for ya
Me podrías mandar la parte 3 por favor? Solo me falta esa.. La 1 ya la tengo, la 2 en descarga pero la tres no veo donde el link para apretar a descargar...

Gracias de antemano.
Respect for putting a pack together.

Part 3 is not dead you need to copy the link not click it to work

I don't understand using 3 different hosts like this strange choice posting all three parts on each of the hosts it should of been each part was on each of the hosts so you have 3 providers with all the parts.

I have uploaded all the parts to one host I hope this is alright (an extra pack with 3d as well below)

extract all of them separate they are not linked together



Part 3

3d Part 1

3d Part 2

3d Part 3
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Hello There,
I have downloaded all 3 packets but I missing a lot of kits, Serie B and C, Portugal and others. What have I done wrong, thank you?
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