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[Megapost - 50+ pics, 3 tactics] Join me in creating three masterpiece tactics!

Apr 16, 2009
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Club Information and Tactics Overview: Overview Thread - Imgur

Key Players: The Key Players - Imgur

The Ultra-Defensive Tactic: The Ultra-Defensive Tactics - Imgur

The Defensive Tactic: The Defensive Tactic - Imgur

The Controlling Tactic: The Controlling Tactic - Imgur

**Introduction:** I am playing Boreham Wood, taken from the lowest playable English league to the highest, Premier Division, in several years. Momentarily I am playing during the year of 2020 and being third in the league, winning over, by example, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool. The most success is through my ultra-defensive tactic.

Furthermore, regarding tactics overall, I prefer to play with strong wingbacks instead of wingers. By, for example, playing two wingbacks and three central defenders, I create a massive defensive line and at the same time saving one spot offensively (regard this as two DC's, two FB's and two Wingers up-front equals six spots, where three CB's and two WB's equals five spots). This gives me another spot to abuse if my wingbacks are strong enough. Since my Attacking Complete Forward, Meksud, is an enormous talent, I try to give him every ball possible. Since he is strong in the air too, I set my GK to shoot the ball to him, I have him set as target man, etc.

I am also mediatipped as the most underdog of Premier Division. Playing controlling tactics are in vain, that won't just be possible to win a single game. Therefore I have created one *Ultra-Defensive Tactic* (used for away-games against Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd/City), an *Defensive Tactic* for mostly away games against most Premier Division teams but also home games if necessary, and an *Standard/Controlling Tactic*, used when playing low-table teams and easy cup-opponents. Tactical Rotation is a must so the top-teams won't know my tactics more than I know 'em myself.

Conclusionary, I am not a tactical genious, *nor are these tactics completed by far*, so I would like your opinions on how I can improve these to masterpieces. I will definitely make sure to upload it free of use for anyone to try them out, or play with them.

If you need more information just post, I am a FM-addict and will update this page by the minute!

Thank you all!!! :)