Jan 12, 2010
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Just heard about a new team in the Australia A-League called Melbourne Heart who are entering their first season in the A-League, I like the prospect of starting of with a club with no history so as to I can write my own. Just wondering if anyone has any experience managing them and what players your bought and sold or even anyone else who has managed in the A-League to give me any tips as I haven't managed their since CM 2008.
It is a bit of a challenge in the A-league, since the clubs have a wage cap. I belelive you can have 2 'marquee' players - but one of them only counts if the player has Australian nationality. These players are not counted toward the cap.

As for signings, I can't really help. I haven't managed there in a while either. I find it a bit boring without any cups ect.
I managed Newcastle Jets on CM 2008 and they had the Brazilian Jardel their on big wages other then that everyone was on peanuts.

Is their no cups at all? I remember I won the Asian Club Championship or something and the World Club Cup with the Jets before?
I meant there are no domestic cups. At least not yet. I made an Aussie DB with one since the FFA are seriously considering introducing one next season. But yes, there is the Asian Champions League.
No, there was an issue with the state leagues. For some reason after the first season they went crazy and clubs would change league for not apparent reason. The A-league clubs don't change though. I will attach it to this post though.
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both key players that go to them
Thanks mate I'll have a look at them what database size do you need to have them players do you know ?