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Feb 6, 2010
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So there I was sitting in a dead job playing football once a week in a 7 a side team, I'm not very good bare that in mind but the people I play with we're superb! The more I went the more confident I became so I joint their Sunday team without a thought.

i hadn't played League football for a good 4 years so didn't know what to expect of the men's league, at first the season was enjoyable 3 defeats in a row but wasn't too disheartening, that was until 6.7.8 losses without reply!

that brings me to this morning last week was defeat number 14 of 14 and it seems horrific but we have only been outplayed in 6 of the matches what do we have to do, iv gone from being left back to centre forward seeing as we struggle to field 11 week in week out.

we will keep going for the remainder of the season 4 games left all we need is a point to lift the darkest days of a 30 year old football team!! Today's opponents sit mid table on 19 points were obviously sitting bottom with 0 points so think of us today will you PRAY FOR MELROSE!