Member Net Games Thread (2006)

Network Game!

I was thinking of startin a network game and i would like a few members to tell me who would like to join:D please people don't get angry if i done something wrong.

i would like as many people up to 20

any one.....:| :|
why dont you email the people on the list who have elft their email address.

If you want to join an online game then let me know by adding my msn: [email protected] and i will give details.

It will either be based on leageu 2 relegation battlers or LaLiga Toppers

gota have version 6.0.3

cmon.. i need a few more ppl hu ever is interested in taking part in league 2 just holl at me [email protected] barnet and rushden are taken
Name - Louis Tetteh - Lartey
MSN - [email protected]
Yahoo ID -
Can you host? - Maybe haven't tried
Leagues - Any preferably the Premiership
Version - 6.0.2
Hi everyone i am just wondering whether anyone is going to get back to us newbie's lol :p , i think your network game has already started by the looks of it but if anyone has the ability to host and would like to start a game, email me or add me on msn. Thanks tet
Cougar8173 said:
i can help you sort your router out so you can host as long as you know the make and model number of it if you do then add me to messenger

I have the same problem, could you give me some help please?:D Cheers Ad
Name - Jonathan
MSN - [email protected]
Yahoo ID -
Can you host? - Maybe never tried
Leagues - Premiership, Serie "A", La Liga, SPL and bundesliga (sp) But other people can choose leagues if they like
Version - 6.0.3
Name - Davie
Yahoo ID - cavin85
Can you host? - dunno
Leagues - Premiership,Bank Of Scotland
Version - 6.0.3