Mental, Physical & Technical: Version 1 (2011/12)


Oct 27, 2009
What is Mental, Physical & Technical?

Mental, Physical & Technical is a football/soccer-based game where you rate players. It is a very original idea, and there is nothing out there which is like this. Put simply, you have to rate a player out of 20 on their mental, physical and technical skills.

How do you play Mental, Physical & Technical?

For example, if User 1 is the question-asker and User 2 is the answerer, it would look like this:

User 1: Michael Essien (of Chelsea & Ghana)

User 2: Mental = 16, Physical = 19, Technical = 13. Great midfielder with loads of stamina, strength and pace although he lacks a brilliant Berbatov-esque touch.

This would emply that User 2 thinks that Michael Essien has good mental skills (positioning, influence, etc.), top physical skills (pace, strength, etc.) and average technical skills (passing, first touch, etc.). The extra sentence is additional/optional (but it is strongly recommended), but it gives a reason to why they chose the scores.

What are the rules to Mental, Physical & Technical?

The rules must be kept to at all times, otherwise I will consider closing this thread. Please be supportive and not spam the thread or post pointless comments; if you don't like it, don't comment! However, constructive comments are welcome, as long as they tell me how to improve the game and not just needlessly slate it. So, here are the rules:

1) Do NOT go off topic at any times. If you want to discuss something else, post in the correct section/thread or VM/PM someone else. Even if you post a comment on this thread about this thread, don't comment if you're just going to say "it's rubbish" or "great idea, mate"; only post if you are joining in with the game.

2) Do NOT make stupid comments/responses. For example, you cannot give Messi an 8 in Technical, when he is clearly not. It is recommended that you post the optional so you have a valid argument is someone accuses you of posting stupidly.

3) DO judge your scores on the current form/class of the player. However, bear in mind that the player may change. For example, even though Rooney was very off form last year, don't just give him 5 in Technical because of that, lower his score from what he was now; but still bear in mind he is clearly a top player. Basically, judge on mainly form, but make sure you consider the class/talent of the player too.

4) Do NOT slate other poster's opinions, they are entitled to them. However, if you think they are clearly messing around/being stupid, PM me.

5) Do NOT copy this/repost it unless you contact me (preferably via PM) and gain my permission first.

6) DO enjoy this, because this is a forum game, designed not to make money, not to annoy people; but to be enjoyable and fun.

7) DO follow the forum rules as well as the thread rules whilst posting.
8) DO follow the template given in the example above. Remember, although you don't have to give an extra sentence describing the player, it is strongly recommended that you do.

9) DO not be offended by this thread in any way, if you are please PM me and we can sort it out. I apologize if I offend you, although it will be unintentional.

10) Do read through the rules before you start posting in this thread.