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Merry Christmas All

Jul 21, 2019
Merry Christmas to you also and a Happy New Year, been really busy with 3 grandsons to keep me active and I guarantee you they will have a great Christmas.


Dec 19, 2018
First of all..Merry X-mas & a great, happy new year for all of you guys. :)

As a FM-Fanatic and RL Football Fan, i really love your work and all of the FM Community. Especially thanks alot to the admins, who work for free and also the content creators, which makes the FM better and better for years now!

As a "fan" from Tactic Creator TFF, who got recently banned, i`m a little bit sad, that these things happen.
As a Community and Gamers, we have to be honest and respect each others work.
Nobody is perfect. I just traveled back home and read the Forum, when i recognized this TFF Drama. :/

I wanna say thanks to TFF and really wish him a nice Xmas etc.
Also, huge respect for the Admins, who cleared this topic as best as possible. All the best for the coming year for you and your website/forum/rl.

All a nice X-Mas,
Greetings from Berlin/Germany,
Bye :)
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