Nov 18, 2008
Reaction score
Im trying to get a Messi false nine but get loads of goals but is it the swapping with villa that gets him the goals or is it the type role im currently use deeplying forward in support because that what i think false nine is in fm (could be wrong) but I would like to score more goals
Change his mentality to just a few clicks away from Defensive, set his Closing down a bit high into Whole Pitch and tick 'Run from Deep'.That will get him to drop deeper into the midfield and play across the wingers. Like a false nine.
I can't see it. Upload it to a custom album and copy the BB code, or go onto Imageshack and upload it there.
Tick "Roam from Position" and place the Closing Down a bit higher up. Click a bit further back with his mentality too and make him 'Run from Deep' often.
No. iNickStuff said it, really, and without going into too much detail that's about as close as possible.

just read Using Inside Forward’s Effectively article and the way he set up ronaldo to sounds like Messi dont get to watch barca much but what I have read and have seen of him he acts like a false nine but he get bags of goals too