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Nov 12, 2010
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I am playing Bayern Munchen and in 2015 I noticed that Messi didn't renew his contract with Barcelona. I made some praises on him and his interest in joining my team raised to "Very Interested". In February I tried to sign his as free transfer, but the salary was just too high for me. He asked about 800K/wk. I didn't gave up and keep praising him. In 30 June 2016 he was free of contract with Barcelona, so I "Approach to sign" him and surprise: he asked for 325K/wk. This is a nice story. I uploaded here some screenshots with Messi and the rest of my team.
******* ****, that thread title was an eye catcher.
I thought Messi really joined Bayern IRL!
But it was actually the work of the transfer bug.
Nice job there. But it seems his physical attributes already declined quite a lot compared to when he's 23-24. And i wouldn't set him as AML. He's much better as AMR or even as a ST
If you thought this was real life then you must be thick ;)
On AMR I play Alexis Sanchez .. If I play Messi there, what would I do with Sanchez ?
i got all hyped up and excited but no you just signed him on fm 2010 god **** it i thought it was IRL
Sanchez is **** at AML and world class at AMR so i can see your problem. Maybe swap Munian and Messi and set munian as an inside forward at AML and Messi as a trequartista at ST?

Or Munian as AML, Messi as AMR and Sanchez as ST. Sanchez is actually pretty good at ST. Had Him set as a lone ST in my barca save a couple of times because Villa, Lukaku and Bojan were injured. So I had Mata as AML, Messi as AMR and Sanchez as ST. Never scored more goals then with that set up lol (H)
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I got scared because i thought that happenned IRL.
Great signing.
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