Apr 7, 2011
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I've been playing with Barcelona for about half a season (January) and I've been witnessing some very strange behaviour from Lionel Messi.

For example early season playing in a 4-1-2-2-1 version of a 4-3-3 with Messi as a DLF he was banging in consecutive hat-tricks and ended up with something like 12 goals in 9 appearances but since then, in the same formation, he's been having runs of not scoring lasting up to 500 minutes of football without a goal.

Is there a way to get him scoring more consistently, even if it means maybe him scoring slightly less overall?
Its just my team relies on his goals and when he doesn't score we usually only manage a 1-1 draw.
Where would you guys play him, I've considered playing him as a Complete Forward or a Trequartista but I'm just not sure.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, extra information/screenshots can be provided if that would help.
I would look at changing your approach mate...

sometimes tactics work well for the first few games but then the real tactic comes out and is not that good, hence the players do not perform..

I suggest changing your approach, set him as TM - ball to feet and or playmaker

what are you team instructions/formation for him?
Play him as treq, playmaker and target man with ball to the feet..
That should probably do it..
I might be wrong, but, if you set him as a playmaker then he will get a lot of assists, not goals, right? At least that is always the case with me.
I'll just get some print screens for you guys.

In all fairness his goalscoring has started to pick up again and he scored 3 to put us in the final of the Spanish Cup which was nice. Still not quite the real life counterpart though. :S