Aug 6, 2010
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A New Start

Morton boss quits

Greenock Morton boss Allan Moore has sensationally quit the club after the new league format was approved and is ready to be launched at the start of the season. He was annoyed that the club would lose money because teams like Dundee and Ross County were no longer in the league and instead they would play teams like Forfar and Peterhead. The likely candidates for the Cappielow job are Mark McInally, Warren Hawke, Michael Houston and the Morton great Andy Ritchie.

Houston gets the job

Local lad Michael Houston has been allocated the job at Morton this morning. Despite being an outsider he has already had coaching experience as a Scottish National coach for Athletics and was a youth coach at Celtic. Houston (28), was once a midfielder playing for Greenock, Port Glasgow and Albion Rovers, but he has been injured for more than two years and hasn't recovered and has therefore retired early. He said that he was aiming to revoloutionise Morton's team and get the best out of the youth team.


We played 8 friendlies before we would start our new campaign in the newly-reformed SPL 2.
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Best Friendly - 4-0 win against Crawley - Was a dominant win
Worst Friendly - 0-3 defeat to Tottenham - The fact that we were only 1-0 down at 80 minutes was disappointing.

Overall, I still didn't know my best team, but what I knew was that Stewart Kean will start in my team. He scored 7 goals in 7 friendlies and he looked to be my star performer in the upcoming matches.


I noticed that the team was **** in the midfield so I needed to do better there, and I needed back up in most areas. I only sold one player, David McGregor.
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All I'm left to say is roll on August....
cheers mate:D this team is a pain in the **** I have to admit! When you go into the league, the teams get so much better!:(

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I dont know whether to continue with this story because these pages dont let me upload my attachments without refreshing the page and they arent there:| I need my screenshots and it keeps deleting my screenshots when I upload them:-/ for a month it took me 2 hours to perfect because of that:| any suggestions?

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I've decided to not use screenshots except important dates because screenshots keep making me lose all the story ive typed out as it says internet explorer isnt working all the time:-/

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My Ideal Team

My ideal starting eleven and subs:


From these players my key players were Kean, Evans and Jenkins.
I was looking forward to the new season. It was time for August.


Dunfermline vs Morton

Prediction: I was expecting a narrow defeat today or a draw as we were playing over in Fife. Score: 2-1.

Dunfermline 2-0 Morton

We were literally trampled on. We just let Dunfermline get the win without a fight! Also Filip Twardzik picked up an injury so we will see how serious it is.

Twardzik injury

Filip Twardzik has been ruled out for 5 weeks! He will be missed greatly.
On a lighter note Centre back Stewart Greacen, who missed pre-season with a knee injury, will be back in the squad.

Peterhead vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Filip Twardzik, Brian Graham,

Prediction: We should win this. Seeing how last year we were a league above them. Score: 0-2.
Peterhead 2-3 Morton
Wyness.................... Kean (2)
.......................................Handzic SO

We got lucky. A last minute goal from Kean got me out of my seat I was very disappointed with Haris Handzic. He gets a debut and is sent off. Hopefully he can bounced back from it.

Unavailable Updates

Adding to Haris Handzic's suspension, Graeme Holmes will miss a game for picking up 2 yellow cards, Brian Graham will be back soon and Stewart Greacen is out again for a week.

Morton vs Partick Thistle

Unavailable Players: Filip Twardzik, Graeme Holmes, Haris Handzic, Stewart Greacen, Brian Graham.

Prediction: A home match to Partick should be very close, but I think we could edge them out.

Morton 1-4 Partick Thistle
Kean ..............................Buchanan (3)
Clare SO........................Grehan
Cameron SO

Terrible match and Mark Clare and Greg Cameron will find it difficult to get back into the starting 11 now. We keep losing players to suspension and it's wrecking our team.

Unavailable Updates

We had terrible news. Haris Handzic broke his lower leg and is now out until around February or March. Cameron and Clare are obviously suspended and Phil McGuire picked up two yellow cards and will also be unavailable for the Stirling match.

Board Confidence

Positives: None only a pat on the back for beating Peterhead.
Negatives: Partick beating us 4-1 was devestating for the fans. Also the signing of Greg Cameron was criticised.
The board are satisfied just now but they want better results next month.

League Position-11th (out of 16)
Player of the month-Stewart Kean
Young Player of the Month-Grant Evans

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Scottish Cup Draw

We were drawn against amateur club Nairn County in the 2nd round. Should be easy:D

League Cup Draw

And our League Cup draw so much more challenging! It was only the 2nd round and we were drawn against Kilmarnock.

Morton vs Stirling

Unavailable: Mark Clare, Greg Cameron, Phil McGuire, Filip Twardzik, Stewart Greacen, Brian Graham, Haris Handzic

Prediction: They should be easy to beat. Score: 2-0.

Morton 0-1 Stirling
................Robertson SO

We were atrocious. We were missing a lot of players but we need a new formation! the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1 are failures. Kevin McKinlay was injured and it doesn't look too good...

He's getting angry...

After I talked to Greg Cameron to tell him he would need to improve to get into the team, he went crazy and demanded a transfer request. He's been here for 2 months and he'll already wants to leave. Ungrateful ****.

Unavailable Update
John Paul Kissock, Allan Jenkins and Marc Smyth will miss a match after getting two yellow cards and Kevin McKinlay will be out for 3 weeks. On a light side, Brian Graham and Stewart Greacen are back at training and could take part in the match against Nairn County.

Nairn County vs Morton

Unavailable players: JP Kissock, Allan Jenkins, Haris Handzic, Marc Smyth, Filip Twardzik
Prediction: A win here will be enough but we will want to bounce back from the defeat to Stirling. Score 0-3.

Nairn County 2-1 Morton
Main ..............................Kean
J.Cameron............ ... ..McGuire SO

That was incredibly embarassing. We are too overconfident and I'm going to give them the hairdryer treatment after that. We haven't won in three matches now... McGuire will also be disciplined as he's not learning his lesson.

New Formation
I've figured out that the 4-5-1 with two wingers would be a great formation and it would work well with my team.

Unavailable Update
The only new loss is Phil McGuire to suspension. Filip Twardzik will be back soon!

Morton vs Ayr

Unavailable Players: Phil McGuire, Filip Twardzik, Haris Handzic.
Prediction: The way we've been playing I would hope for a home win. Score: 2-1

Morton 3-1 Ayr
Smyth SO

Finally! A win! We would have kept a clean sheet if Smyth hadn't given away a penalty then got himself sent off... Well done though guys!

Unavailable Update
Unfortunately, our top scorer Stewart Kean will be out for 8 days with a bruised shin. Obviously Smyth is suspended, but Twardzik is back!

Morton make link with Celtic
We've made a link with Celtic and they can loan players to us whenever they want. We have our eye on a Bosnian striker, Twardzik's twin and Michael Ordish...

Fofar vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Stewart Kean, Marc Smyth, Haris Handzic,
Prediction: After that win with our new formation, we should win. Score: 2-0.

Forfar 0-2 Morton

We owned in this game and my prediction was correct. Well done guys.

Unavailable Players
Kean is back for this match as is Smyth. Only Handzic is injured just now.

Morton vs Stenhousemuir

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic
Prediction: We've played well recently, we will win. Score: 3-0.

Morton 4-0 Stenhousemuir
O'Brien (2) .......> Lyle SO

We were brilliant today! Great performance guys well done:)

Unavailable Update
Bachirou and Jenkins are suspended for the Killie match...

Kilmarnock vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Allan Jenkins, Faoud Bachirou and Haris Handzic
Prediction: We won't win but I would like a decent result. Score: 3-0.

Kilmarnock 4-0 Morton

We were poor but it was Kilmarnock and we can't get decent signings so it could be worse..

Board Confidence

Positives: Stenny win and the Ayr win.
Negatives: Humiliating defeat to Nairn County. The Killie defeat was slightly disappointing as well. The performances of Greg Cameron.

The board are happier now that the team is improving.

League Position: 6th
Player of the Month: Allan Jenkins
Young Player of The Month: David O'Brien

October, November and December will be completed by Wednesday..

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Striking Deals...

We were bringing in more players thanks to our affiliate Celtic. We were bringing in Patrick Twardzik, Michael Ordish and Bahrudan Atajic on loan in January.

Queen of the South vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic

Prediction: This game will be close, I reckon it will be settled by a winning goal. Score: 1-2.

Queen of the South 0-3 Morton

A fantastic game! I expected us to edge them out but we dominated the game from start to finish. However, we have lost Kean to injury for 2 months now!

Unavailable Update

Stewart Kean is out for 2 months, also Grant Evans is out for getting two yellow cards.

Morton vs East Fife

Unavailable Players: Haris Handvic, Stewart Kean, Grant Evans.

Prediction: We should beat them. Easy opposition. Score:3-0.

Morton 2-0 East Fife
Weatherson.............Crawford SO

Yeah I expected to win this by about this gap. Great game lads!

Contract Rebels

Neil McFarlane and Carlo Monti are rejecting contracts and it's worrying if we lose them as they are worth money. McFarlane has been linked with Shrewsbury.

Unavailable Updates

Kean is still out, but McCaffrey and Holmes have picked up an automatic one match ban.

Raith vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Stewart Kean, Haris Handvic, Graeme Holmes, Stuart McCaffrey

Prediction: I would be happy with a point here. Raith are top of the table and cruising. Score 2-1.

Raith 2-2 Morton

We done better than expected once again! A good draw. Jamie Mole was on fire for Raith today fair play to him. Marc Smyth has been injured and will be out for 3 weeks now...

Unavailable Update

Faoud Bachirou has picked up an automatic ban for picking up two yellows, Smyth is also out with an injury.

Weatherson Arrested

Peter Weatherson has been arrested after being caught punching a man in a nightclub. He will be released on bail for the match against Alloa before facing his charge on the day of the Brechin match.

Morton vs Alloa

Unavailable Players: Haris Handvic, Stewart Kean, Marc Smyth, Faoud Bachirou

Prediction: Easy win. Score:3-0.

Morton 4-0 Alloa
Kissock (2)

We owned them today. Although Weatherson didn't score, he played decent.

Unavailable Update

Weatherson will face the court today so will miss the Brechin match.

Brechin vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handvic, Stewart Kean, Marc Smyth, Peter Weatherson.

Prediction: We should win as Brechin are the whipping boys of the league. Prediction: 1-3.

Brechin 1-0 Morton

We were terrible today. Ok, we didn't have Weatherson playing, but there's no excuse for that.

Weatherson released

Peter Weatherson has succeeded in staying out of the cells. However, he's been fined a weeks wages and a £500 fine from the court.

Board Confidence

Positives: Alloa & QOS matches.
Negatives: Brechin defeat and Weatherson being arrested

The board are really happy about this months performances.

League Position: 4th
Player of the Month: David O'Brien
Young Player of the Month: John Paul Kissock

Unavailable Update

Smyth will return to the side against Cowdenbeath alongside Weatherson. Jenkins will be given an automatic ban for 2 yellows.

Morton vs Cowdenbeath

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Stewart Kean, Allan Jenkins

Prediction: Home to Cowdenbeath should be a piece of cake. Score: 2-0.

Morton 0-0 Cowdenbeath

A bore draw. We were **** end of. Hopefully we improve in the next match.

Cameron's spitting games

Greg Cameron is really showing he doesn't want to stay at Morton. He's been a flop and then spat at Hatem Trabelsi today. He's not going to be playing again until he moves.

Unavailable Update

The same are missing from last week.

Livingston vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Stewart Kean.

Prediction: We should edge out Livingston. Score: 1-3.

Livingston 1-7 Morton
..............................Weatherson (2)
............................. Jenkins (3)

What a game!! Allan Jenkins was brilliant today. This has got our goal difference right up:)

Unavailable Update

JP Kissock and David O'Brien are out with automatic bans.

Morton vs Dumbarton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Stewart Kean, John Paul Kissock,David O'Brien

Prediction: Should be an easy win. Score: 3-0.

Morton 4-1 Dumbarton
Weatherson (2)....R.Campbell

Easy win today. We moved up to 3rd in the table with this win as we closed in on November.

Stewart has to work part time

This is quite funny I must say... Colin Stewart hasn't had his game for us and now to keep on top of his bills has to work in a cafe as a waiter! That's what you get for being 3rd choice keeper;)

Board Confidence

Positives: The thrashing of Livingston. 7-1!!! The team chemistry.
Negatives: 0-0 draw with Cowdenbeath and Greg Cameron has now got a hate club!

The board are very happy with the unbeaten 3 match streak.

League Position: 3rd
Player Of the Month: Peter Weatherson
Young Player Of the Month: Grant Evans

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Unavailable Update

Kean is close to recovery, Mark Clare however, is suspended through two yellows.

Morton vs Peterhead

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Stewart Kean, Mark Clare.

Prediction: Should give the fans a home win. Score: 2-0.

Morton 1-2 Peterhead
Jenkins SO.......MacDonald

We were all over Peterhead and dominant as well, but couldn't find any goals!! Peterhead have always troubled us in the league.

Unavailable Update

Stewart Kean is set to make a return, however, Allan Jenkins, Carlo Monti and Graeme Holmes all face suspension.

Stirling VS Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Graeme Holmes, Allan Jenkins, Carlo Monti

Prediction: We should sneak a win here. Score:0-1.

Stirling 0-2 Morton
.........................Allison OG
............................... O'Brien

Easy wee win!

Board Confidence

Positives: Win over Stirling.
Negatives: Defeat to Peterhead.

Despite dropping to 4th, the board are happy with the teams position.

League Position:4th
Player Of the Month: Carlo Monti
Young Player Of the Month: David O'Brien
Good story mate. Very nice layout. It's nice that someone has done a lower league team i enjoy these stories. Check out my story and see if you like it. Thanx
cheers guys:) i like updating quick so I might be getting through a season in a week:p
This is the league at just over the half way stage

View attachment 132562

As you can see I have changed the leagues look and there is 16 teams in the SPL and SPL 2.


Ordish loan Celtic
P.Twardzik loan Celtic
Atajic loan Celtic

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Unavailable Update

No new unavailable players.

Partick Thistle vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic

Prediction: Away game to Partick will be difficult. We might just lose this match. Score: 2-0.

Partick Thistle 0-2 Morton

What a win! We were all over them from start to finish.

Unavailable Update

Stuart McCaffrey has been given a one match ban.

Cammy's gone..

Greg Cameron has left the club after only 6 months as he joined Rotherham for 12K. After asking some fans what they thought of him, most of them replied with "******"

Morton vs Dunfermline

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Stuart McCaffrey

Prediction: Should probably scrape a win. Score: 2-1.

Morton 2-0 Dunfermline

Easy win today. we dominated through most of it.

Unavailable Update

Phil McGuire is out for the rest of the season with a broken foot. Bit of a blow but we'll get by.

Youth Updates

The U21 team will need to work to deserve contracts, though the best prospects are:

Brendan Grana
Nathan Shepherd
Ryan Kane
Simon ***
Jamie Docherty
Darren Docherty

Players on the verge of getting the boot:

Alistair Deans
Ciaran McDade
Steven McAfee

Ayr vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Phil McGuire

Prediction: We should win which will take us higher up in the league. Score: 0-2.

Ayr 0-1 Morton

It's nonetheless a win and at the end of the month we are into third.

Board Confidence

Positives: The wins over Partick and Dunfermline. The exit of Greg Cameron.
Negatives: The team's discipline.

The board are very happy with the way the team is going.

League Position: 3rd
Player of The Month: Gregorz Szamotulski
Young Player of The Month: Michael Ordish
good start mate chock my story out would you :)
Unavailable Update

Allan Jenkins is suspended for a match after picking up two yellows. He's also injured for two weeks.

Youth Team

Once again Brendan Grana and Nathan Shepherd are improving as Cameron McAllister has stuggled.

Morton vs Forfar

Unavailable Players: Haris Handzic, Allan Jenkins, Phil McGuire

Prediction: Should dominate. Score: 3-0.

Morton 4-0 Forfar
O'Brien (3)

Great game. Still doing very well right now.

Unavailable Update

Bachirou, O'Brien and Holmes won't feature against Stenhousemuir. Handzic and Jenkins are back.

Youth Team

Morton have decided to keep 10 players next season from the U21's. So the real chase for a contract begins.

Stenhousemuir vs Morton

Unavailable Players: Phil McGuire, David O'Brien, Graeme Holmes, Faoud Bachirou.

Prediction: We should win this by a couple of goals. Score: 0-2.

Stenhousemuir 1-2 Morton
Clark SO............................Kissock

Good game for us, but we should've had a third goal. The ref had a howler.

Unavailable Update

Twardzik is out with a suspension, Trabelsi is injured for 10 days.

Youth Team

Front Runners:
1 Kane
2 Shepherd
3 Grana
4 Boyland
5 J.Docherty

Back Runners:

1 McDade
2 McKenzie
3 McAfee
4 Deans

Morton vs Queen of The South

Unavailable Players: Phil McGuire, Patrick Twardzik, Hatem Trabelsi.

Prediction: I think we will win this match by a couple of goals. Score: 2-0.

Morton 1-2 Queen of The South
Evans SO.........McLaren

We didn't do very well today... Raith open their gap to 5 points.

Board Confidence

Positives: 4-0 win over Forfar.
Negatives: Defeat to QOS.

The board are happy that the club are consistent.

League Position:2nd

Player of the Month: David O'Brien
Young Player of The Month: John Paul Kissock
Great story, mate as someone else said nice to see a lower league story.
Nice little story mate, Should use some pictures thought not screenshots however, Just upload them to photbucket and they will work fine :p keep up the good work though :D
cheers for the tips and cheers for the comments:)

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to improve my story I'm going to take out the Unavailable Update and say how long my injured players will take to get back to training and I'm changing the look of people scoring.

East Fife vs Morton

Prediction: We should win this match, shouldn't be too hard. Score: 0-3.

East Fife 0-4 Morton
P. Twardzik
Kean (pen)
No Injuries

Morton vs Brechin

Prediction: The bogey team we always play badly against... Still, we're capable of a win. Score: 1-0.
Morton 1-0 Brechin
Last minute winner for us! Could be crucial at the end of the season.

MacFarlane is off

Midfielder Neil McFarlane will leave the club for Shrewsbury at the end of the season. Oh well.

Board Confidence

Positives: Winning the two games this month
Negatives: None.

Job Position: Secure

Player of the Month: Graeme Holmes
Young Player of the Month: Patrick Twardzik
League Position: 2nd
Just thought I'd add, try to sign Angelis Charalabous on loan or PCA from Motherwell. A terrific centre-half for the First Division. I had him for Partick Thistle and he had an average rating of 7.90 over 25 league games :D
Thanks a lot mate:D yeah i'll look into that because McCaffrey's leaving :p


We are set to lose a few great players. We are losing our back-up keeper Kevin Cuthbert, Colin Stewart, Stuart McCaffrey and Graeme Holmes as well as Filip Twardzik on loan. Bad times...

Alloa vs Morton

Prediction: We should pull a win off here. Score: 0-2.


Alloa 1-4 Morton

Gibson OG
P.Twardzik SO
Great win! But some bad news! :( Gregorz Szamotulski is injured! That means we will need to play Kevin Cuthbert in goal and Twardzik is out as well so we have lost a main defender.
Szamotulski - 5 days
Morton vs Raith

Prediction: Will be tough, we can pull away a win. Score: 2-2.
Morton 2-3 Raith
We were outclassed. No way we are winning the league now. We should settle for second.

Race for promotion is hotting up

Raith have almost sealed the title, but the remaining promotion spot is still up for grabs. Morton, Dunfermline, Partick Thistle and Stirling are just separated by 3 points with 3 games left.

Cowdenbeath vs Morton

Prediction: The Beefy Boys aren't playing that well so we can expect a victory today. Score: 0-2.

Cowdenbeath 1-0 Morton
C.Cameron SO
We didn't take our chances and we paid the price. We have fell to third.

Morton vs Livingston

Prediction: We hammered them 7-1 away so can it be de ja vu?;) Score: 4-0.


Morton 2-0 Livingston
Unfortunately, nowhere near the score of our last win over Livi, but we won comfortably nontheless.
Michael Ordish 4 weeks
Phil McGuire 4 months
Board Confidence

Positives: The position in the league, wins against Alloa and Livingston
Negatives: Shoddy performance against Cowdenbeath and the performances of Stewart Greacen.

Board are happy and hope we can seal second place next week.

Player of the Month: Allan Jenkins
Young Player of the Month: Patrick Twardzik
League Position: 2nd

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Dumbarton vs Morton

Prediction: A win is all I ask for. Score: 0-2.


Dumbarton 0-2 Morton
Finally! We have gained promotion to the SPL! I can't wait until next year!