Michael Jackson tribute skin


Jun 28, 2009
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Probs maybe on the front screen maybe him and the date 1958-2009. No offence to him just I loved him forever for his music. If anyone could do one me thank you
How much you willing to pay;)
A Michael Jackson skin sounds a little creepy...
especially with all the youngsters on the game, u dont want jacko there lol
can some just tell me how to make a skin i wanna make a liverpool one
Download this is looks good - http://tuxdevil.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/fm/Tazskool_FMF_Skinning_Guide___Templates.rar

I found this on fmformation.net

"As you probably have seen that I have done a previous guide to this on skinning using Paint Shop Pro and since a lot of people use Adobe products I took the time to learn how to use PhotoShop and write this guide.

Why this guide differs from others? It’s simple in the fact I write it with little knowledge of Photoshop and everything is simple to read and understand and I also see, as a beginner, that templates are also the easiest thing to use and understand. I shall also aim to point out where every piece of graphics are stored and used in the game. Then at the end of this guide I shall explain simple colouring and how to make the changed image save correctly and appear into your FM game.

I shall be dealing with the default graphics directory within FM. Then you will be able to move these files to a separate folder to create your own skin as we work through the guide.

This guide will be updated for every section of the game I write so it will have many sections such as “Skinning the Title Bar and “Skinning the Tree Table” and many others.

Please make a backup of C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\data\graphics by right clicking on the folder GRAPHICS and then selecting COPY. If you are using Windows XP then click in a blank section of the screen and select PASTE. This will create a new folder called “Copy Of Graphics”

This is all my own works so please do NOT try and pass this off as you have done this cause I do know that some people try and take credit for others work. This is a copywritten FAQ!

Now Let’s Begin!

Part 1 – Skinning the Tree Table
Part 2 – Skinning the Dialog Box
Part 3 - Skinning the Info Bar
Part 4 – Skinning the Background
Part 5 – Skinning the Buttons
Part 6 – Skinning the Side Buttons
Part 7 - Skinning the Match Title Section 1
Part 8 - Skinning the Match Title Section 2

Part - Colouring Your Template
Part - Cutting Templates and Making New Image
Part - Setting Opacity
Part - Saving Changed Image"

I havn't read through it but I hope it helps..
thanks mate if i do have success with the liverpool skin i try make a jackson one :/ but this is my 1st time
thanks mate if i do have success with the liverpool skin i try make a jackson one :/ but this is my 1st time

It's best if you have PSP or Photoshop.. Do you have either of them?
Hey, im using the initial skin and im happy with it by and large, however would like to change one thing and hoping someone knows how to do it, on a matchday it has team names and score but i want the teams kits instead is this easy enuf to edit???, if so how???