Feb 3, 2013
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As a massive Swansea City fan I am a lover of the passing game and I have been playing FM for many years but I can never seem to find a tactic that will work for the Swans. After many many many attempts I've finally come up with what I'm pretty sure is the perfect Michael Laudrup tactic.


Just a quick run through the positions...
Firstly, in goal we have a sweeper keeper with an 'attack' duty.
Across the back we have one central defender, one ball playing defender and two wing backs who must be full of pace!
In the middle we have one deep lying playmaker in the DM role and infront of him are two center midfielders, one with the advanced playmaker role and one with a deep lying playmaker role.
Out wide you have two wingers who's role it is to be 'inside forwards' they will constantly be making runs into the box and out wide to drill in crosses so obviously they must also be full of pace.
Upfront you have one 'complete forward' who must be able to hold up the ball, win headers, pass the ball and obviously be good at finishing.

Team instructions:

The instructions given to the team are exactly what you would expect for a team wanting to keep the ball.

Set Pieces instructions:

Just play it simple, keeping it short as I have no real aerial threat.

The results:

This is what I managed to do with this tactic... I am now in my second season and have won both of my opening Europa League group matches.

This is how the team defends. Really compact and strong just how I like it.

The only down part of the whole tactic is the defending from set pieces. It's unreal how bad the team lines up when defending set pieces and I've conceded so many goals from it. I've tried setting 'defending set pieces' as general training and match training but nothing seems to work.

This is just one example of how bad the defending actually is. You would think that the team in blue and white would be defending this free-kick but no, It's my team. For starters the defensive line should be in a line and I really dont know what that line is meant to be. And my left back... I really dont understand why he is standing back there playing their whole attacking line onside!

Please tell me how this tactic works for you,
Need to upload your pictures properly mate.