Aug 15, 2011
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Hi guys, I am back
Today I am going to present my emulation of Girona's tactic.

To emulate Girona’s tactic in Football Manager 2024, we start from the basic outline, a 4-3-3 formation. The mentality is positive.
This encourages the team to play with a positive mindset, taking the initiative in matches.

In possession

As said in the analysis above, Girona’s football is possession based, with shorter passing and building the play from the back. About the tempo, Aleix Garcia is the one who decides about it, even if they often play a slower and patient game, it does not mean that it’s their only solution. When the opportunity arises, Girona swiftly covers the ground starting from Garcia’s boots. This is why I chose a standard tempo.
To enhance Girona's ability to create chances from inside the box with multiple players involved, I also considered other instructions that promote support, movement and increased presence in the attacking third. Here are my choices:

  • Work the ball into the box; encourages players to be patient in the final third waiting for the right opportunities to create chances inside the box. This can lead to more composed and calculated attacks.
  • Focus play through the middle
  • Overlap Left and Right
  • Attacking Width: slightly narrow this encourages players to operate more centrally helping to create numerical superiority inside the box.
  • Be more expressive: this instruction allows your players to make more unpredictable and creative decisions, which can be beneficial, especially for attacking players in the final third. Adding "Be More Expressive" can lead to players attempting more flair, trying ambitious passes, and taking on opponents with greater creativity.
  • Run at Defense: this instruction encourages your attacking players, especially wingers like Savinho and Tsygankov, to take on defenders and attempt dribbles to penetrate the opposition's defensive lines. This instruction aligns well with the profile of wingers who excel in one-on-one situations and can exploit wide areas effectively. It adds a direct and aggressive dimension to your attacking play, potentially forcing defenders to commit and creating space for other players inside the box.
  • Whipped crosses: to exploit Dovbyk’s good heading skills.
In transition

  • Counter-Press: this instruction encourages your players to immediately press the opponent after losing possession, aiming to regain the ball high up the pitch. It's an aggressive approach to disrupt the opposition's build-up play.
  • Counter: when the ball is won, Girona tries to pass the ball to midfielders who have good quality and to launch fast counter attacks.
  • Distribute to center backs
  • Distribute quickly

Out of possession

  • Higher Defensive Line:A higher defensive line can help compress the space between your defensive and midfield lines, making it more challenging for the opposition to play out from the back.
  • Higher Line of Engagement: this instruction sets the line of engagement closer to the opponent's goal, increasing the intensity of your pressing and making it difficult for the opposition to build from the back.
  • Using the "More Often" trigger for pressing can be effective, especially if you want your team to be proactive and apply pressure more frequently.
  • Prevent Gk short distribution
  • Trap outside: force opponent’s players to play near the touchline, this way you can use the touchline as an additional defender because the opponent players can’t dribble in the direction of the touchline.
  • Step up more: to use offside trap


Gazzaniga: sweeper-keeper (support): he is good with his feet and we need him to be more involved in the team's build-up play and act as a "sweeper" by coming off his line to clear the ball when necessary. It complements a possession-oriented style of play and can contribute to the team's ability to play out from the back.

Martinez: Martinez, as we said, he is much more defensive than Gutierrez on the opposite side and in possession he stays narrower closer to the central defenders Eric Garcia and Blind. For his role, we can use the inverted full back that can be set only to defend. Eric Garcia can occasionally play in this position too.

Eric Garcia: Ball-Playing Defender (Defend): this role allows Garcia to contribute to the team's possession-based style, playing accurate passes from the back and potentially attempting longer passes when needed.

Daley Blind: Ball-Playing Defender (Defend): this role suits his ability to carry the ball forward and make progressive runs. Instructions:

  • stay wider: this helps him cover the wide areas, especially when Gutierrez moves forward.
  • Dribble more: encourages Blind to carry the ball forward, creating opportunities for the team.
Using the new inverted full-back player role on the right in conjunction with a ball-playing defender instructed to stay wider on the left (Daley Blind) gives us the back three we desire.

Miguel Gutierrez: Inverted Wing-Back (Attack): Gutierrez, Blind and Aleix Garcia are the three key players of Girona football, they rotate their positions, exchange positions with each other (especially when Garcia drops down and Blind pushes forward). Gutierrez starts as a left wing-back (inverted) in the 4-3-3 but when Girona is in possession, Gutierrez moves inside and contributes centrally during possession.
Aleix Garcia: Deep-Lying Playmaker (defend/support). Instructions if you choose the support option:

  • Dribble Less: This instruction can be used to minimize unnecessary dribbling and ensure he focuses more on distribution and ball circulation.
Yangel Herrera: Box to Box Midfielder (support): Herrera could actually be used as a central midfielder on support giving him the instructions you prefer to emulate his ability to push forward and to shoot from outside the box. In Football Manager, the central midfielder role has less preset instructions and this allows you to edit it the way you want. Nothing wrong about it. But personally I really like the box to box midfielder role in the game because since Football Manager 2022, it really plays well and can help you to win games.
Instructions: mark tighter, move into channels, get further forward
Ivan Martin: Advanced Playmaker (attack): the Advanced Playmaker role will focus more on his creative abilities. Instructions:

  • Roam From Position: Provides freedom for him to roam and find spaces to exploit.
  • Get further forward: allows him to run forward and create chances with assists or shoots from outside the box.

Savio: Winger (attack). Instructions:
  • Cut inside with the ball: this allows Savio to be a goal-threat on the ball
  • Roam from position: allows the player to find spaces where he feels easier to create chances and become a goal-threat

In order to facilitate Savio's ability to locate the ball within open areas, Girona typically opts for a stronger emphasis on constructing their plays on the right side. This strategic approach leads to the ball eventually transitioning to the left side in the critical attacking zone, presenting a more expansive area for effective maneuvering.
Savio serves as our primary option on the left, providing a valuable one-on-one presence. Designating him as an attacking winger ensures that he closely follows the touchline, establishing an advantageous space for Gutierrez to exploit with an underlapping run. You have the option to guide Savio to cut inside, enhancing his goal-scoring potential, or leave him as a versatile two-way threat.

Viktor Tsygankov: Inside Forward (support/attack): this allows Tsygankov to be a more dangerous threat to the opponent because he will move inside the box and overload spaces. Instructions:
  • roam from position; this allows Tsygankov to find and overload spaces more.

As we said in the analysis, Girona tends to build the play and overload spaces on the right side to leave Savio wide and high on the opposite side, thus giving him the opportunity to win 1vs 1 situations and cross into the box. That’s why on the right side we have more support roles. In my tactic I put Tsygankov in attack to give it a try, and he played a great season but you can leave him in support if you want to stick more to the original tactic.

Artem Dovbyk: Target Forward (Attack).
Given Dovbyk's characteristics as a typical target man who stays forward and serves as a focal point for the attack, setting him as a Target Man on Attack is appropriate. This role suits players who are physically strong, good in the air, and capable of holding up play. Here's the suggested role:This setup plays to Dovbyk's strengths, allowing him to be a presence in the box for crosses, hold up the ball, and be a target for through balls. Monitor his performances during matches and make adjustments based on the team's needs and his individual contributions.

N.B. If in your matches you observe that Dovbyk drops too often, congesting the areas already utilized by his teammates instead of pressing the opponent defense creating room for other players, you can set him as a pressing forward on attack. Even with this role you can see him dropping back to retain possession.
This is all for this tactic, I hope it works for you too.

For results, stats and highlights please refer to the
Youtube video here:


Tactic Overview

In possession


In transition


Out of possession


Some stats







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just started using this as a 4-3-3 2nd tactic with my Newcastle team in the 3rd season, only change was the TF for an AF otherwise it is getting results and playing some nice football, also created a mirror basically just switching all roles to the opposite sides
just started using this as a 4-3-3 2nd tactic with my Newcastle team in the 3rd season, only change was the TF for an AF otherwise it is getting results and playing some nice football, also created a mirror basically just switching all roles to the opposite sides
yes, that's also a possible way. Dovbnyk in Girona is playing as a target forward but according to what player you have you can change the role into an AF or also a Pressing forward who drops down more than AF but not too much.
Same with the mirror version, I don't remember now who you have as right winger and left winger in Newcastle but if you have more supporting players in the left side you can build the play there and finalize from the right