mid mildfielders (future legends or gods )

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Currently i am using arsenal ... but my AM midfielders all are getting old or want to leave ... nid need new blood in my team
Fredy William Thompson 220K
Tomas Sivok 1.8m £
Oleksandr Aliev 1.100.000 £
Tranquillo Barnetta 150k £
Barukh Dego 300.000
i got about 22millon to spare ... who to buy ? thx : )
erm m8 sivok is a DMC but sum attacking mids are:
Andre Moritz--Internacional (BRA)
Maximilliano Morilaz--Racing Club (ARG)
Wesley Sneijder--Ajax (HOL)
Joao Moutinho--Sporting CP (POR)
Jakob Blaszczykowski--Wisla (POL)

But do you have a certain budget to spend on the player?
22 million:yikes: :yikes: Well....That make my job easyer ok erm go for Wesley Sneijder, Yeste, Daniel Carvalho, Arango or Sanli Tuncay. But dont you have Hleb hes only 25 :| and ljungberg is only 28 and van persie can play VERY well in AMC.

Hope dis helps :papasmurf
There are a load of great players you could get with £22 million, but i'd go for any of these: -

Sneijder (Ajax)
Diego (Porto)
Leo Messi (Barcelona)
Joao Moutinho (Sporting Lisbon)
Raffael van der Vaart (HSV)
or Freddy Adu (DC United)

Hope that helps!!! :thup:
indeed tomas sivok have both defensive & attacking skill , but then is impossible to get him with that low price , in ver 6.03 , you'll at least spend 8m euro to bring him to your club >_<
slooo down

how about every1 iz saying buy all deez expensiv guys yh, y do u not just buy lebohang mokoena im sorry but this guy is a young cheap brilliant AM so there you go m8 :yes:
thats easy to say but as soon as you state an intrest in mokoena alot of bigger clubs come in for him making it hard for you to purchase him
Search the forums for Muriqui, ive posted his stats on here elsewhere hes class and only 20 and youd get him dirt cheap