Sep 18, 2021
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Hi guys, I've been on the Vanarama North for a while now, I have been 4 seasons in a row beating everyone getting first but when February arrives we start drawing and losing, I check for morale and its ok, also they're not tired neither, don't know what to do, tried changing tactics but just keep losing.. makes no sense for me. Literally the two best strikers in the league that have 30 goals each start doing nothing on games.... what should I do?

Thanks everyone.
I had a case where only one small change led to defeat and it was called a defensive line that was set too high, an attempt to check if all the settings are as before, for example, pass pace, etc.
look at the way you get goals is it a croos shot head anything you might need to change some players write roles and formation
I playing cuople version of FM ..FM 19.20,21 in FM 21 mistekes in set up tactis AI execute very correct.I make mistake set up work in the box,and all team go forward and my team conncet goal from counter..FM 21 version dont make relax