Jun 10, 2011
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I have won promotion and i am in the europa league after winning the FA Cup and I have a 8 million budget. This is my current squad can anybody propose any players to improve my squad.
First of all, I'm a Boro fan, but I've started games with West Ham Utd and now Dag & Red because I live in London.

I would say to sign Mattia Destro, he should be available on 30 Dec this year to sign as a free for the next. I'm surprised you were able to get Zaha. Could you tell me what players you sold and for how much in the first year and how much your transfers cost you too?

You need a new right back too, other than that the team looks fine.
I sold numerous players and i used installments to sign the majority of the players because they had buy out clauses. Here is a screenshot of the players I bought and sold and the prices.View attachment 311935