Mikael's Complete Defensive Training Schedules


Apr 30, 2010
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Hey guys I've been working on some training schedules in the past few days and what I've got here is a complete schedule for your defense. All positions, workload-levels and duties are covered. In total there are 42!!! schedules. If you use this schedule I would love to see how it works out for you.


I'll just paste the guide I wrote because I'm too tired now


Mikael's Complete Defensive Training Guide

This is my guide for the Defensive Training schedule I have created. I will explain my rationale behind the training schedules and how to read them.

Every single position and duty is covered!!! I even have training for Liberos and nobody uses Liberos. However it wouldn't be a complete training schedule without it.

X) - 3 Tier of training - Heavy (designated as hvy), Medium (designated as med) and Medium-Low (designated as medlow,medlo and mlo at times for lack of space)
If you're players are complaining about the workload being too high on the heavy schedule simply move them to the lower intensity of it. The medium-low schedule is for those Arjen Robben type glass men or players with incredibly low work ethic and professionalism. It is the absolute minimum, in my opinion anything below that will not help a player improve. In fact the medium-low schedule should be used only in extreme situations with a very picky player. The overall workload is equal to that of the default schedules (the developers wouldn't give us schedules that would injure our players, right?)

XX) - Safe zone - Getting way too many injuries in training led me to analyze the default schedules. Players won't really injure themselves from heavy tactics training (well I suppose that chance of that is insignificant when compared to heavy strenght training). That's why I only focused on figuring out the 'safe zone' for the physical aspect of a player's training. Generally the physical workload in the default schedules was in the range of 22-25 notches in the aerobics and strength training categories. I will call that range the ‘safe zone’.
The 25-30 zone is ideally in my opinion where the training levels should be to see good improvement, while minimizing the risk of injury. If you disagree feel free to edit the schedules to your liking. Another reason why I kept the physical training aspect in those ranges is that physical training affects the overall workload much more than any other type of training. Physical points also take up a larger portion of a player’s CA and the CA-PA spread you’r e trying to close. I may in the future do a pre-season, physically intense training, but in past versions of FM I have generally seen a trend where a player increases their physical presence while decreasing stats everywhere else (Lots of green arrows on physical attribute and lots of red arrows everywhere else). Then after resuming their normal schedule the reverse would happen and the players’s attributes would remain mostly the same, while losing 2-3 months of valuable training time during this ‘attribute re-shuffling’ period. That’s why I don’t really believe in pre-season schedules.

***) – Focused training – All the schedules are quite focused. Keep that in mind. Some training you may feel is important may be ‘neglected’ in some schedules. These are all schedules specific for a position and a role so keep that in mind. For example a Central Defender with a defend duty has composure as one of his main attributes. However training him in shooting in the hope of increasing his composure attribute may increase his long shots and finishing (instead or together, depending on the workload) which are two attributes almost useless for a centre-back. Instead I recommend using the individual focus training to plug any such holes in your player’s game. On the same topic if you have a player that you rotate between positions and roles – I suggest rotating his schedules as well. If your covering centre back can fill in quite well at full back then alternate his training schedule every few months.
Same goes for roles if your tactics require your full-backs to be able to play as full back and wing back with defensive and attacking between games (or even in the same game) I would also suggest rotating their schedule every few months.
Additionally some positions take into account many attributes (such as Ball-Playing Defenders or Liberos), while other such as a Limited Defender only consider a few. In the particular case the heavy workload for a covering limited defender his tactical and defending training are maxed out and his physical training is already fairly high. Certainly more physical training would be beneficial as those are some of his key attributes for the position. However any more workload into that would simply increase the risk of injury too much (or start cutting into his conditioning). In those cases I assigned some training workload to areas that would make him a better footballer in general – such as ball control in the particular case. The opposite also happens when a player has too many key attributes for a position to be trained adequately in all – I have exercised my judgment in those situations, so again, feel free to edit them to your liking.

XXXX) – I want to thank mantralux – and the great ‘training masterclass’ post to which I often referred to.

XXXXX) – Certain positions, roles and duties I have never utilized. For example I have never played with a libero or a sweeper. I have also used advanced wingbacks very sporadically. My knowledge on some positions is not up to par, so I have concentrated on the key attributes and also done some guesswork as to how the roles would function in the formation and the match engine when I was designing those schedules)

XXXXXX) - If you decide to use my training schedule I would be delighted if you shared some screenshots of it has worked out for you. I would also take suggestions and constructive criticism – “this schedule is ****, my players are not improving” is not constructive criticism. And please use your discretion and common sense when deciding how to use the schedules. After all you’re the manager.

XXXXXXX) – I am currently doing training schedules for all other positions. Mind you, it took a really long time to just get this done so it could be a while before I complete them. However I promise to share them as well if I get a good reception.
Ok Let’s get to the positions


GK-hvy (Goalkeeper heavy schedule) – For GK (defend) and Sweeper Keeper (Attack, Defend, Support)

I feel like high physical training is not that beneficial to goalkeepers so Instead I chose to focus heavily on shot-stopping, handling and tactics. Use individual training focus if you really want those improved or adjust the schedule to your liking. I also gave priority to aerobic, since I felt work-rate, stamina and natural fitness would not improve my goalkeeper’s game much. Strength I also don’t believe is too important (I know it is IRL). Also these is no separate schedule for a sweeper keeper as the schedule is already more focused on aerobics (the speed to rush to the ball).

GK-med (Same as above, just a lighter workload)

Just a little lighter workload. There is no medium-low schedule for keepers as I feel the physical workload in the medium schedule is already fairly safe. I have had no problem with injuries or complaints.


FB(autoatt)-hvy (Fullbacks on auto or attack duty – heavy workload)

FB(autoatt)-med (Same as before – medium workload)

FB(autoatt)-medlow (For those whiny lazy full backs)

FB(def-sup)-hvy (For Fullbacks on defend or support duty – heavy workload)

FB(def-sup)-med (Same as above – medium workload)

FB(def-sup)-mlow (Same as before – medium-low workload)

Central Defenders

CDef(def)-hvy (For Central Defenders on defend and stopper duty – heavy workload)
The difference between defend and stopper duty is – aggression and bravery (both of which can’t be trainer so this schedule is both defend and stopper duty)

CDef(def)-med (same as before – medium workload)

CDef(def)-medlo (same as above – medium-low workload)

CDef(cov)-hvy (Central Defenders on cover duty – heavy workload)

CDef(cov)-med (Central Defenders on cover duty – medium workload)

CDef(cov)-medlo (Same as above – medium-low workload)

Limited Defenders

LDef(def)-hvy (Limited Defender on defend and stopper duty – heavy workload)
LDef(def) schedules can be also used for stopper duty, because aggression and bravery can’t be trained)

LDef(def)-med (Limited Defender on defend and stopper duty – medium workload)

LDef(def)-medlo (Limited Defender on defend and stopper duty – medium-low workload)

LDef(cov)-hvy (Limited Defender on cover duty – heavy workload)

LDef(cov)-med (same as above - medium workload

LDef(cov)-medlo (Same as above – medium-low workload)

Ball-Playing Defender

BPD(def)-hvy (for Ball Playing Defenders on Defend and Stopper duty – heavy workload)

As before – same training for defend and stopper duty (applies to all 3 workloads)

BPD(def)-med (medium workload)

BPD(def)-medlow (medium-low workload)

BPD(cov)-hvy (For Ball Playing Defenders on cover duty – heavy workload)

BPD(cov)-med (same as above – medium workload)

BPD(cov)-medlow (same as before – medium-low workload)


These schedules are for wingbacks playing in the full back slot as well as the wingback slot. The key attributed don’t differ. If you believe they do feel free to edit the ones given.

WB(aut-sup)-hvy (For wing-backs on auto and support duty – heavy workload)

WB(aut-sup)-med (For wing-backs on auto and support duty – medium workload)

WB(aut-sup)-mlo (as above – medium-low version)

WB(def)-hvy (Wingbacks on defend duty – heavy workload)

WB(def)-med (wingbacks on defend duty – medium workload)

WB(def)-medlow (wingbacks on defend duty – medium-low workload)

WB(att)-hvy (Wingbacks on attack duty – heavy workload)

WB(att)-med (Wingbacks on attack duty – medium workload)

WB(att)-medlow (the medium-low version)


SW(def)-hvy (for Sweepers – heavy workload)

SW(def)-med (Sweepers – medium workload)

SW(def)-medlow (Sweepers – medium-low workload)


LIB(sup)-hvy (Libero on support duty – heavy workload)

LIB(sup)-med (medium workload – I can’t believe I’m still writing descriptions. It should be clear by now)

LIB(sup)-medlow (medium-low workload for supporting Liberos)

LIB(att)-hvy (Liberos on attack duty – heavy workload)

LIB(att)-med (Libero on attack duty – medium workload)

LIB(att)-medlow (Libero on attack duty – medium –low workload)

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I've been playing fm for god knows how long and I'm only just giving customised training a go now. Any chance you can post a before and after screenshot of one of your real success stories in training? Preferrably a real player so I can check him out compared to how the comp has managed to train him? Cheers
I've been playing fm for god knows how long and I'm only just giving customised training a go now. Any chance you can post a before and after screenshot of one of your real success stories in training? Preferrably a real player so I can check him out compared to how the comp has managed to train him? Cheers

I play in the bulgarian league with a created team. I'm super handicapped in terms of finances. 5 years in my wage budget is 12,000 so I really don't have any recognizable players (or any young players with good potential). My regen youngsters are improving fairly quickly, but I don't have any 'before' screenshots of them. I'll post some soon thought.