Oct 28, 2010
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Badelj was one of my first signings for arsenal and so far I'm impressed but
I hear some people saying he's terrible. Please post your screen shots on him and his statistics for the seasons aswell as your thoughts.

I signed him for 3.9m and immediately got fabregas to tutor him, my assistant always puts him in the starting 11 and now he's worth 8 million in season 2
Well he's quite good when he's considered First 11 as he was on my Palermo game. As Arsenal I bought him also, but wanted to give Ramsey and Wilshere more playing time so he didnt play much.

Got him for 3.6m and sold him for 12m on start for 3th season. On Palermo game he's my best CM along Nuri Sahin and they both are worth 14m.
I sold ramsey in my game, I was doing average in the league so had to sacrifice some of the squad players. Ramsey, Diaby, Koscielny, Fabiankski all left despite good perfomances. I sold them and with the money brought D.De rossi and J.Pastore, last year I won the league by 20 points.
Badelj is good i think with not the top teams but just a step below! example Everton,aston villa, Feyenoord , Dortmund,genoa etc etc
Here are his stats in (November) 2018. I put on the spoiler otherwise it would erm...spoil it for you if you just dont want to know

If trained right, possibly one of the best natural CM Playmakers on the game. TBH, I stopped signing him recently, but if you can get him, I would say sign. If he flops his Potential means a good profit.
omg you sold ramsey! he turns into one of the best players in the game! a big shame you didn't keep him. however, going back to the topic, badelj does look pretty good but i never tried him out.