May 1, 2010
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Does anyone know what position and role suit him best?? He can play in the centre of midfield as well as an attacking midfielder. Any other tips or help would be great!!
He's a werid one, I've signed him in quite a few of my files, and I strongly advise NOT to play him centre midfield. He doesn't really get any assists or goals from there, I haven't tried him in an AMC role yet, but I think you're a lot more likely to get more out of him if you play him behind the striker.
i play him as advance playmaker in both mc and amc position ,
me too, he does show a higher goal return in the Amc role but he usually get's a 7 star rating in mc for me aswell, great little player and backup to fabregas.
i bought him for my midfield for 4.5M and he's a mess like a MC.. but i trained him to start playing as a Right Ofensive Midfielder and his improving a lot.. but still not worth 4.5M
Keeps going from strength to strength as an attacking midfielder for me. Pavone,Hazard, Nasri, and wilshire are keeping him out of the first team but every time he plays he does well and he's scored about 8 goals in 20 appearances so far. Also Every time I Ask my assistant to pick my team he picks Badelj over walcott and nasri on the Amr !