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Feb 14, 2011
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i have finished level 15 with all county cups just holidaying now :)
Well done Milco - great achievement :D

However, half of SI are trying to trace you down, what has happened with you and RTC mate, the FM Community wants answers :S
thanks rtc is a w*****

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Cos he hasnt contacted RTC and left took the file with him look on fb
James Griffiths As i posted on the forum right now the file is in dire straits as Milco (former editor) has blocked me on facebook and hasn't contacted me in any way and has just gone without an explanation so i don't really know where to go from this right now.
is this serious , so i can play in the Hunts Cup with alconbury :) , ill keep watch of this space ;)
is this acctualy true , a guy said hed done level 23 the other day , but he didnt.
Welcome to FM Base Milco and looking forward to seeing your Level 15 db
:/ leave me alone i tryed my best, cant ask for much more of me yeah you are a bettter editor so i will forget my lower level england and leave it to you
your best aint good enough ;) your level 9 is **** where are the cups haha ur a joke
haha its my work yours is took from rtcs mate.
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