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Dec 18, 2010
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I set up a tactic to test an idea I had about using a lone poaching striker as a tight marker to the opposition slowest centre back. The idea was that if he was close to the centre back when a through ball was played the strikers superior pace would lessen the chance of him being offside and also lessen the chance of the through ball being intercepted.
I searched through the players and thought David villa would probably be best suited to this role so I started a game with Barcelona. I set the team up with 4 defenders, 3 central mids, 2 amc's and a lone striker. I set both amc's to advanced play maker-support, 2 centre mids as advanced play maker-attack and the last centre mid as a ball winning midfielder-defend.
I reduced all midfield players passing and creativity to the shortest/lowest setting and set through balls to often. I also set the midfield players to forward runs often and run with ball rarely. I done this because I wanted the midfield to pass and move while opening gaps in the oppositions defence in which they could knock a through ball for villa to connect with. After setting tram width to narrow and tempo to highest possible I holiday'd the season.
The team won the league by 8 points, scoring 92 goals ( if I remember correctly ). Villa scored 35 goals and messi playing as an amc scored 24. Also won champions league but lost in Spanish cup in semis.

I know it wasn't a particularly stringent test as I used Barcelona but i plan to try it with a weaker team soon. I was wondering if anyone else had tried a tactic like this and if it brought them any success? I've used it a few times as an away tactic in my ipswich save with slight changes to mentality etc and its seems ok so far (only 3 games, 2 wins and a draw).

Any feedback gratefully accepted!