Feb 2, 2013
Reaction score
how far has it increased in your save? Also doea it have big increases if the reputation increases?
Does it increase as the game progresses? I didn't know SI put that in.
Does it increase as the game progresses? I didn't know SI put that in.

yeah it does gradually go up, or at least I've heard others say it does, haven't played there this year (well, not a full year anyway) to find out but I do remember it being either in one of Miles video's or on the podcast.
Hello. The MLS salary cap does increase. I recall it going up every year so far (I am in 2021 now).

It took me a while to reply with an example of an increase because of where I was in the season when I saw this post.

In a Seattle Sounders save, I received an email on 26 December 2020, stating that the salary cap will be increased for the upcoming 2021 season to US$4.18 million. The minimum wage will go up to $62.4K per year, and developmental players will receive $51.66K per year.

I am not sure to what extent the league reputation affects this, since I have no other MLS saves to compare it to. The MLS in my save is currently a 3 star reputation league, up about 1/2 a star from 2013 I think.

I am enjoying the MLS a lot, and the increasing salary cap does help relieve the constant wage pressure. I don't know if others have experienced this, but one irritant is that the transfer offers from AI MLS teams almost always start at $300,000 (which thankfully can be negotiated), and it is very challenging to get high quality coaching (my best are a couple Americans, and some S African and Mexican coaches) -- none are over 4.5 stars in spite of many rounds of poring over lists of names hoping someone good would pop up... Cheers!