Daniel Abbott

Oct 7, 2012
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The MLS has two different leagues, the eastern and the western. The top few go through to the semi's and the next lot go to the wild card. The whole thing is one long tournament.
My question is, is there a way you can do this on Editor? Complete with wild-card rounds?
I am trying to do this for the SPL at the moment, cant get my head around it though. Hope someone can offer some advice on how to do this
Just recreate the Champs League format without the qualifying rounds, and have only two groups.
You could set it up like the English Conference, with a North and South league, both on the same level. Then have your playoffs at the end of the season covering both leagues. Problem is, in MLS, the teams play everyone (East and West) in the league, not just their own conference which would be the case in the above example. This is something i haven't been able to replicate. If you're not bothered by this, then it's very straight forward to do.

I've tried using a half season of the Premiership, and then created some regional leagues in the 'Secondary divisions' section of the nation rules. But you can't merge their results for a definitive final table. You're left with two separate tournaments. And after one season relegation throws them out of sync (teams still in regional leagues and not in the Premiership).